How the heck should I POWER all my CPU Mining Rigs?

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[Music] he hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I wanted to go through how should I power my new CPU mining rigs I bought 15 different CPU mining rigs as you guys can see here all motherboard CPU Ram setups okay various 15 950 X's 3900 x's and a few other CPUs here but in total we have 15 CPU Rigs and I already have about three or four running already including this 3900x which we just set up in a live stream that was a lot of fun right now it is mining two nice hash we're using about 146 Watts currently for this whole setup utilizing an RM 850x 850 W Corsair power supply so I wanted to gauge the community here I am not a heavy CPU Miner I've never done this you know at a mass scale so the biggest thing I want to accomplish in this video is to go through the different power supply configurations that I could use for my CPU mining Rigs and this is where I want to gauge you guys in the comments how should I power all of these mining rigs this is the biggest thing I want to figure out I want to go through you know whether or not I want to use ATX psus you know HP server psus you know breakout boards Pico power supplies you know a bunch of different methods various ways I want to go in the computer and uh talk with you guys even regarding the prices of all that stuff I want to find a cost effective way you know a reliable way as well you know to power these and I guess it's going to go along with you know how am I going to mount these CPU mining rigs as well okay so let's talk about it in the computer and before we do that thank you for today's video sponsor you know quantum computers you know blockchain but do you know both together DX was the first platform to create a neuromorphic supercomputing blockchainbased algorithm which solves real world problems and the best part anyone can post a job whether a company from the global 2000 a machine learning job or fintech and pharmaceutical and if you don't want to program it yourself get an expert directly at the marketplace run the job and be impressed by the fast result all right guys so I just made just a quick mockup of six different configurations that I could make for my CPU mining rigs now a few of these configurations I have a few of the psus already but uh I have different costs here I also have you know you can see all the different power supplies that I need uh could need and also the breakout boards Pico power supplies you know cables all that kind of stuff factored that all in so you guys can see you know generally how much it could cost and I got all the prices from like you know parallel minor Amazon if I'm using these types of adapters and you know Pico power supplies from eBay which thank you to shes for this link here okay okay so we did a live stream already talking about you know what type of power supplies I could use and the biggest one that came up was the Pico power supplies the ATX PSU adapters I'm going to call these like adapters I don't think they're called adapters people call these like power supplies but uh you can see here they just go onto the 24 pin of the motherboard right and this is what provides also the 8 Pin CPU power okay and then this part here the six pin bus all right the DC input interface this is what connects to a six pin pcie power okay either to a breakout board or an ATX uh PSU and there's also a SATA here for you know if you had SATA uh SSD power and that's basically all you need for a typical CPU mining rig the power the motherboard and the CPU okay all from this single like adapter PSU so I wanted to go through here okay six different configur figurations so the the first one I want to talk about here is on P Miner there are these 1400 wat Dell PSU yeah let's go to Pelon Miner here not sponsored not affiliated now if we go to their shop and power and accessories you go to server power supplies you can see here these $115 d400 wat Platinum 94% efficiency psus this is incredibly cheap I am not sure how the reliability is with these I'm sure they're really good because they're Dell and they're server psus and uh with the Platinum efficiency that's that's pretty good but for $15 along with the uh you're going to need the for for my configurations I chose was the X11 uh 16 Port uh breakout board okay that would work with that Dell 1400 watt okay so with all that together along with the Pico power supplies these guys from eBay okay if I order 16 it would be about $16.5 each then along with the uh 16 of the 12-in 16 gauge pcie cables okay that's for this one here okay I'm going to need uh from the breakout board to the Pico adapters okay this is just to power uh just that part for the Pico adapter this part right here okay so that's what I would need so the this configuration here Al together which I don't personally have anything on hand for this this would cost me alog together about $476 uh USD okay um it's not including the P minor shipping and I'm assuming eBay has some shipping cost as well to me but just at base cost here 14706 okay so that's configuration number one now configuration number two is four 1200 W HP server psus uh 4 X11 boards 16 Pico psus and the 12 uh 16 gauge cables okay and and altogether this would be $373 196 okay for these 1200 wat HP server psus I already have them on hand okay so I wouldn't need to buy these but if I did it would cost $729 196 and you guys may be asking there's a huge difference in cost there and yes there is because on Parallel minor that 1200 watt PSU is not cheap it's about $89 this is this is quite expensive it's $89 on their website right now okay so yeah that's why I you know I fered in all these uh you know the cost of buying it all and then I did note down here the 4X 1200 watts I actually already have on hand so for me I I only need to buy these three things and not the 1200 watt so that's configuration number two all right uh with along with the 16 CPUs I'm talking about the wattage draw roughly and you guys can give me your input after but going on configuration number three is eight 750 watt hp server psus and eight X11 breakout boards okay and then 16 Pico psus and 16 cables so this is going to cost I don't have any on hand this would be $563 40 so the 8 750 wat psus right now in parallel Miner go for about $19 okay so with all that I would then do about I think two CPU rigs per 750 watt okay I forgot to mention for these two these like four 1200 watts or four, 1400 Watts it would be about four CPU rigs on each okay just to give that disclaimer there so hopefully that would hit in the range of 50 to 70% load which I think the power supply efficiency for you know HP server psus are going to be in the middle somewhere so looking at this uh chart here you know the 750 watt psus efficiency is around between I think 250 to I think 600 500 in the middle range there middle of the uh usage of the PSU and then a 1,200 watt the peak efficiency is around I think around 750 to 1,000 uh load on the power supply so that's why I have four here okay and then or eight if I did the 750 watts so you guys let me know what you think about configuration number three all right now configuration number four five and six is going to be ATX power supplies which I have all on hand okay I forgot to mention this which I should add in here I have four on hand already four of the uh 1,00 Watts but anyways configuration number four okay 8 850 watt ATX psus all right and then 16 Pico 300 watt PSU okay you guys may thinking how is that connected well yeah the ATX PSU already have PC uh cables right so that will go into the eight uh six pin uh input here already to power the motherboard and the 8 Pin CPU okay by the six pin pcie coming from the ATX PSU so that would be enough I already have a bunch of you know ATX psus because of my mining rigs my open air mining frames which have ATX psus on them already I yeah I already counted I think I have more than eight there so that I wouldn't need to buy anything except for the 16 Pico psus which if I bought 16 of them it would be about yeah $264 okay and 96 cents for all 16 of those so I that's the money I would spend if I had to buy all the 850 wat psus it would be well over $1,100 because ATX PSU is on Amazon I was just judging by Amazon pricing for like a Corsair 850 watt be about $1 to $110 okay and you guys may be asking how do you you know power each of the you know motherboards and you know I could do the Dual 8 Pin CPU for the motherboard times 2 you know that's what I thought I could do with using okay it's this is going to go in the config section you know what I realize this is actually not going to work for this because the Pico PSU already has the Ain for the CPU so that I would not need to put there but uh let me put that there and there you go okay so now config number five I screwed that up on config four config number five okay or I would do four CPU rigs on four 1200 watt ATX power supplies and then 16 Picos okay so you guys let me know if you think that's a good one as well I already have four 1200 wat PS use on hand so I only need to uh spend about $264.5 now the last configuration this is going to be a little bit different okay so I have the 850 W power suppli is on hand then I would then be able to power the CPU uh the the motherboard eight pins with the Dual uh there's two 8 Pin uh CPU connectors per each 850 watt so I would then be able to split each one into having two motherboards on one ATX PSU setup if that makes sense but I would also need a 24 pin splitter or Y splitter like this okay this is simply to basically acknowledge you know the power on for both ATX uh motherboards okay and so the amount of money that I would have to spend for this one CU these are only $20 for one I would then have to spend about $160 all right but if I bought the ATX psus plus the Splitters it would cost 1,032 okay so um let me know what you guys think of this configuration also veteran Miner the veteran said he are he is able to make the 24 pin uh cabl cables like this 24 pin Splitters so to split up the ATX PSU so that that could be something I I could do as well okay and uh yeah I could give him some money to build those and you know I I really wouldn't have to spend that much but you can see as uh config number six would be probably the cheapest method I wouldn't need to buy the Pico psus in terms of yeah powering the the power supplies would be coming from the uh ATX psus and so like a failure point in a way would be the Pico psus which you know I've never used before I've heard about these things uh in the past but I I've heard bad things about them in the past but uh recently I yeah I I've had a lot of people say that these are actually fine uh for CPU mining like the 300 watt I know there 160 watt versions a different you know 250 watt versions and you know there's bad quality Pico psus but uh Shy's told me this one is pretty good he's had no issues has the 8 Pin CPU for power all that kind of stuff so I want to know what you guys think what what do you think which setup should I do here okay should I do the ATX PSU method 850 Watts or you know have four mobos on one 1200 watt right equals the 16 setups or should I do the HP server PSU method right give me your guys' thoughts down below uh I think this is a this is a pretty interesting I don't know just for anyone that's out there is also looking at how to power their you know their CPU mining rigs oh I guess config number seven could be what if I just bought like all 450 watt I don't know 450 watt psus like just try to find really cheap you know 450 watt bronze rated psus what what about that you know buy 16 of these that would be about what 50 time uh 6 would be about eight or that would be 800 bucks yeah I probably wouldn't do that but you know I guess maybe reliability wise that could be really good or bad I don't know but I mean reliability of these HP server psus these are meant to be on you know 247 for servers right but then the failure point is also then going to be these could be the parallel minor X11 breakout boards or potentially the Pico power supplies right or the adapters right the PCI uh cables so this method you know you have a lot more failure points in the way but I mean really you know am I going to have an issue who knows in a way I'm also you know dense density in a density Factor because I'm having the, 1400 watt 1200 watts I can have three or four CPU motherboards on one you know power supply and then I guess for the ATX method the cheap it's the cheaper route because I already have these on hand um is it the more reliable route maybe probably maybe config number six would be another reli maybe this is all reliable this is just you know depends on how the quality of the psus are how they're treated you know temperatures environment all play the part so anyways a lot of variables here but uh I want to know what you guys think let me know in the comments which config would you go for config number one 2 3 4 five or six or seven another one if there's something I'm missing if there's another configuration I'm missing type it in the comments down below I'd love to read it but otherwise whatever you guys say whatever I read the most I will probably do that method and uh yeah so let me know what you guys think down below all right I appreciate you all let me know your thoughts of everything I talked about I'll see you on the next video hit the like button and I'll see you guys in the next video have a good one peace out

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