GPU Mining Slumps Back Down

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what's up ladies and gentlemen so I was doing some testing and I am bringing some cards home because I want to pump some extra heat in the garage but everybody was like yo kapow is doing the best on mining right now what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's doing well uh and it looks like GPU mining took a little turn after I made my video and you know what you guys can blame it on me um but as of right now octopus is down um kapow's kapow's still doing pretty good uh I have let's see here I have this 3070 running I'm trying to get my overclocks dialed in it's a little tough on Windows especially using it as a display um it doesn't seem happy when I pull the power back and just pumping up the memory clock it it comes up to about 30 mahash and we're at 160 Watts but then it settles down at 20 6 megahash on kapow which is a little low for a 3070 not quite sure um that's coming out to 64 cents a day so not quite the $2 a day that we were seeing if I could get full hash out of that that's closer to like 7075 cents a day um it's profitable but uh it ain't no $2 a day that's for sure so that kind of stinks it is a it is a bummer but um yeah so I'm going to just keep checking in right now it looks like kapow is edging out uh octopus on nice hash by about 10 cents give or take and it just crashed right there yeah see it doesn't like when I pull this power back let's uh I'm going to I'm going to pull this memory back a little bit right there just let that run and see what it does well I'm going to do some further testing so I'm taking home 3070 from the shop this one is not in inventory some somebody commented on my last video and they were like can't be mining on your inventory and why can't I but I I don't anything that I'm using like my 5900 X's are not an inventory on the shop just for continuity sake um where's my truck at oh there it is for a second I was like holy crap somebody take my truck but no truck's there heck yeah um but yeah I'm going to bringing home this 3070 um probably going to bring home a couple more but figure I'll get one dialed in I'm also going to be putting it on uh the one of the rigs at the house which they are on hive and um Hive just gives you a better way to control your overclocks and settings and make everything just get it dialed in better than Windows but anyway all this information is subject to change at a moment's notice sorry it's the uh it's really dark out here hold on super dark out here what time is it it is late that's what time it is it's like nothing going on out here oh it's all so cold all get out there we go do I not have interior lights never paid attention to that I guess my interior lights don't work okay very interesting hold on let me turn my do I have a forward facing light on this all right guys so sorry about the uh the scary walk from the PC shop uh but anyway uh that is unfortunate we will be or I will be now uh being more cognizant of what's going on in Old GPU world and watching it cuz it looks like there's some pretty good spikes to catch up on um caveat here like I said all this could change at a moment's notice a lot of people seemed upset on one of the last videos where I talked about GP GPU mining profitability uh that by the time they saw the video and then checked it was down and it's just one of those things it it can change on a moment's notice so um yeah I'll do do my best to let you guys know what's up and when it's up um as for CPU mining CPU mining is doing pretty good I have a video schedule for tomorrow it's an update on the CPU setup and um have a bunch more of those Zeon um server uh setups coming in well they're not server setups they're they're like x99 style motherboards with like Zeon chips anyway uh most or over half of them are sold off but I was figuring you know what if I get a couple extra of them might plug those bad boys in let them run a little bit you know what I'm saying uh I don't know I don't know it's just one of those things anyway I'm going to sign off hopefully youall have a good night uh Drop it Down Below in the comments what are you guys mining what do you recommend all that kind of stuff and yeah I'll see youall on the next one adios

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