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thank you [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign that is the first thing I've said you must feel special that I said that the first words back to after I was like a month I hope you enjoyed that oh man welcome back yes Travelers travels thank you bro thank you thank you guys it's been way too long it's been way too long I I just got to my computer like 10 minutes ago and I was like man do I open up like stream Labs or OBS or which one do I use again I totally forgot which software I use um feels good feels good ah man what's going on everybody what's what's happening what what the heck has happened has anything happened over the past month I you know I I have been keeping active on Twitter uh but YouTube uh not not so much but what man whatever you guys what have you guys been up to Pearl M what is mining again I agree what is my name everyone is mining again yeah uh write it down next time welcome back news caveman mining you are banned come on I need to get the chat up I can see where you guys see the degeneracy that you guys are typing there we go oh serpent thank you for the thank you for the raid good sir yes hell yeah uh Dave's fintech I'm mining nice mental mining UK what's up man welcome RPM my YouTube channel hasn't been the same without your words and wisdom thanks man I don't have any words of wisdom ever blooming mining life as in crazy the past month has been crazy yeah dude for sure for sure 56 dude thank you for the ramen thank you for the donation how are you 56 man it's been so long since I've talked to you mind something what's up what's up bro Alfie and PN what's up bro what's up guys profits way down nothing exciting it is it now is it hi it's been it's been so long I haven't seen any any like nothing I haven't seen anything I'm looking for the best setup for my RTX 3090.

Uh GPU aren't we all aren't we all EK miners top you've seen the latest rug full UK's minor Club no which one do tell I noticed that there's been oh I've noticed that there's been a crop done of new of new coins and I think uh somebody said one of them was a rug I I don't know but I I don't I don't really follow these anymore too many too many unknowns not financialized D minors what's up bro be my o or B minors D minors we have something to announce don't we don't we [Music] um not Financial panda is back in ninja kid what's up man I've been snatching solo some solo blocks with my chance you're nice it's pretty good I have not tried I've not tried bats uh here yet I remember doing it on gpus way back pull really let's go on Twitter [Music] all right [Music] nine hours ago our first decks thanks to Komodo platform oh yeah wait is this made from nope will open withdrawals deposits for neurai I don't think so I don't think so nothing with narai no maybe not um UK's minor Club I tagged you on Twitter full locks coin okay the locks coin rug full all right lock screen script 44 days old oh yeah nice there's zero miners nobody is mining this coin wait there's one person 2.66 gigahash foreign what's up man electron what's up man I missed you so much I had only D minors to troll for a month that electron what's up bro what's up man what Iowa crypto mining is playing worth on it nice RPM gonna rug pull all of us in the bull market Dave's fintech Channel yes 100 rip this what's up man some names I haven't seen here for a long time seriously oh well uh I kind of want it okay so I wanted to write down everything that happened maybe that has happened that has been I don't know that's worth mentioning over the past over the past month I don't know I'm just gonna write down stuff so you guys tell me in the chat what what something special has happened over the over the past month [Music] and crypto mining get me updated here so UK's minor club with the full walks corn rug hole nice I like it I like it I like it the trend plays War Thunder Patrick Murphy Cass just had a new all-time high did it did they now let's see um I mean I don't think they've been keeping up with uh yeah they had an all-time high uh short-lived didn't last too long right now it's back [Music] 4.4.045 or something uh it's probably I don't know probably gonna go up again who knows who knows [Music] um my R9 380 rig died but nothing much R9 380 rig you still had an R9 380 rig mining that's amazing man uh gave me a smoky Dan RPM tried new food and gross people out yeah I did I had some balut and like frog I had a lot of weird stuff man it was great it was great Don's one hour music good to see you too man AI new miningvest.ai the past the past the past month I guess yeah I'm so sad I couldn't get my 30 90 rig up before I left Tech Shinji what's up bro text Shinji then tell me what your favorite coffee please uh you know what after being on this trip for a month I've actually stopped drinking coffee uh so I'm actually I'm actually no longer gonna be drinking coffee it's I've learned that coffee is or has ruined my life I need to I need to I need to I need to get away I need to get away from coffee uh it's it's yeah makes me too crazy and I've learned that over the past over the past month so no more no more coffee for me uh what else Bros so Panda went to the Philippines looking for good time ogre I did not go to the Philippines where did you go in North Korea I went to Vietnam okay I went to Vietnam glass for me coffee is bad lies no coffee bad red pen in my I I had to get I had to get rid of it I have to it's it's it makes me go crazy Vietnamese has one of the best coffee they do and that's why I'm stopping coffee I'm not crazy everyone else is just insane uh that old rig is slightly profitable on my electric so why not I'm actually shutting it down now uh okay okay nice nice um bit main announces new miners caveman mining what new minor is that red panda you you really look like a pet secure rack what's up bro poor scientific seals 77 million dollar deal with or 27k Bitcoin mining rigs what what's up didn't core scientific go bankrupt didn't they go bankrupt uh uh antminer S21 S21 and X5 uh X5 was was before our time wasn't it uh before a month ago um oh MC with the five thousand MC thank you for joining for 20 months good sir oh yeah X5 is not an Asic right right X5 is those risk seat risk the processor I don't know oh I think uh I think I have one coming here pretty soon I might be able to open it up yes yes yes yes I just realized I don't have to chat up I gotta put the chat up um me Pats what's up gospel Tesla looks like it's been going well oh but 10 BPS okay snatching some so all right I'm way behind and wait I'm in top chat God damn it live chat okay okay there we go oh I missed some messages here so bottom line is no crazy vids from pen anymore sad face Dale Ferguson trust me the crazy videos are coming they're they're coming they're coming bacon eggs and hash what's up bro what's up when are you setting up the Radeon sevens for 9x the wolf tomorrow tomorrow live stream we're gonna be we're gonna be testing out the six Radeon sevens from mining chamber I I don't even know if they work or not so we're gonna we're gonna test those out Randy oh my God 27 months Randy welcome back miss you miss you too bro Dy what's up bro Tech man just ignore me red panda money it's fine uh Tech man John Jermaine hello sir not default restructuring uh chump change 32 months I want my money back I want my money back as well trying to change that we oh my God the amount of money we've given YouTube is unbelievable 32 months Jesus Christ oh my God Tech man with the 41 months holy crap even longer ah you guys are crazy don't support rats my friend am I still here still watching still mining I wish you well you too bro you too Pac-Man jump change awesome awesome did you finish Dale freaking did you finish that 19 GP rig yet I may have missed the video if you did I did not I'm hope I am gonna work on it next week I already told myself I'm doing it next week on Friday September 1st 2023 full migration of quantum Financial system took place at the U.S national debt uh close 33 trillion was paid off this triggered the Global Currency Reset [Music] really does that mean does this mean I have no idea does this mean like interest rates are gonna come back up are gonna go back down now next week is gonna turn into whatever oh vortex Randy goddammit I'm so old Gee I'm an OG [Music] oh man all right Bros what else man what else has happened over the past month no seriously has there any what other crypto mining stuff has happened over the past month there's got to be something was there really nothing there's got to be something there's got to be something uh John English Tech was your trip in lightning it really was yes it really it really was it I've learned to not drink any more coffee because it's ruined my life I was getting to coffee makes me way too antsy way too late shaky so I gotta I gotta get rid of it I've already not have already not drinking coffee for like three weeks I feel great I feel great no more coffee no more coffee I'll have tea though I'll have tea uh I went to you know where the movie King Kong was shot uh somewhere in Vietnam I went there I took a boat and went through the area where King Kong was and all that kind of like Skull Island dude it was so sick so sorry gave me a smokey damn bit boy got fired and lost his company and Lambo okay that that's not that's not crypto mining news I think I saw that on Twitter and I just had to laugh I just had to laugh that's crazy it's crazy how much news or how much like people have donated to bitboy it's it's insane oh boy tech one zero update massively bumped efficiency ga 104.

and tu102 CMP now doing 37 half per watt really all right that's a good one that's a good one one zero Miner update foreign that's cool that's good I didn't know that that's awesome Flex pool shutting down Flex Flex really no really flex flexible [Music] foreign [Music] what what the hell is this I have an important announcement to make as revealed the previous Friday appears that Chun rangs after people which owns 15 of proven work directly and 30 of POS indirectly is actively attacking ethereum by exploding good that's good yes good exploding a flaw in the difficulty adjustment wait what is this August 10th 2022 wait this is this is like a year ago okay all right so they haven't they haven't uh updated this for a long time I had to read that I'm just like what the hell is going on that's last year yeah I your old article lit overboard Tech you [Music] foreign I only put you in timeout how long is the time wait how do I I'm time you out I don't think I can get destroyed [Music] total Miss click total misc like it's been a month I don't know how to uh hoverboard Tech I'm sorry I'm sorry I did not mean to do that bit me outliner ks3 9.4 oh that was before I left Travelers travels don't forget to update your I servers firmware new one add stability I've been hitting two blocks a day since updating uh travels travels I have not updated my firmware all right server firmware updates okay I'll do that I haven't done that I shall do that only 300 seconds you can do 24 hours now really 24 hours coinbase was in talks to buy FTX really really it's not really crypto mining but sure that's fine Chuck Flex pool Discord okay uh am I on their Discord let me see uh let's see Flex pool why why is but why is flex flow shutting down okay announcements here we go oh my God so many announcers okay oh my god oh this is today oh oh dude whoa here we go let's read this oh shite action required flexpool.io shutdown notice hi everyone we have some news to deliver it's with a heavy heart but we are forced to announce that flexible.io will officially wind down its Operation November 1st 2023.

we are for we are forced to shut down due to the current market situation flexible iOS Vision was to provide mining farming Services of the best quality back in 2021-2022. there was enough volume to sustain our core values the flexible i o was an industry leader in investing in user experience unfortunately with the with the known decline performance of cryptocurrency markets with the known declining performance of cryptocurrency markets does that mean they knew that the main focus of an average mining pool shifted from providing the best experience possible to cutting the cost down to minimum minimum to survive flexible was never designed to be run this way our servers and software were designed to maintain the highest quality performance and reliability possible this made flexible much more expensive to run compared to the plane mining pools out there that's worked well during the times when the cryptocurrency market was adequate but not for now but not now after a year of trying to endure the pressure of migrating to cheap servers and downgrading the platform quality we officially announced that we can no longer keep this going Ah that's that sucks um what do you need to know as a flexible user please make sure to switch another Pool as soon as convenient as the deadline date of November 1st 2023 to avoid any downtime it's important to arrange your move in advance as all flexible to i o mining arming endpoints will shut down or even that my my evergreen my Chia Farmers stuff is gonna be oh that's gonna suck for Flex farmer users as Flex farmer was never designed to work with any other full effect on our Flex primer will be deprecated on the same date please switch to regular GF Army software along with the changing of the fool wait wait did the did the does the ever wait the Evergreen miners uses Flex farmer oh that's huge wait that's huge wait oh oh that's bad that's really bad uh hold on I'm logging into my evergreen thing let's see he's manage Evergreen configure running Services armor 1.7 Farmer State version 1.77 armor key contract address okay I don't know if this is flex farmer okay I don't know if this is flex Farm or not well that's uh well that's uh that's gonna be interesting all outstanding balances are high with that are high enough to cover the network fees located out shortly uh thank you on behalf of our entire team we'd like to thank you user who've been on this journey regardless of their contribution we will never we will express our special thanks to everyone who contributed to this main Amazing Project uh be it by directly contributing to our open source software helping us fix bugs submitting our feature requests oh that sucks man damn dang oh Vortec I'm sorry I'm sorry bro I'm sorry I timed you out I'm sorry Yankee I didn't realize you went anywhere Yankee God damn it flexible is IO is shutting down November 1st that's that's huge honestly I you know I'm I'm surprised you know flexible is huge uh not only in Chia but like I guess there are other mining pools as well they're pretty big so man I'm curious to know how many other mining pools are able to keep up during this downtime as well like you know is are any of these are any of these uh are any of the fees quite good enough [Music] to keep up for some of these mining pools you know crazy all the pools are shutting down well flexible yeah Tech man did you ever get the RTX 4000 Ada sff Edition card I want one but they're still 14.50 Tech man I till this day I still do not have a fourth 40 series GPU I have I have yet to try a 40 series GPU ever since they released I have never bought one yet I I don't I'm gonna stick with it and not buy any 40 series I know I should for like video purposes but I told myself I'm not going to I'm not going to um uh there is a new alltrack there's a new Dynex Explorer developed by Yeti and D Minor scene really speaking about Dynex speaking about Dynex um deep miners or D minors and Yeti's mining pool all right they're number six right now starting next month October 1st they are going to be doing a one month long one thousand dollar Dynex giveaway and they're gonna be giving away every week okay I think it's 200 in the first week uh 200 the next week 200 a third week and then 300 the last week uh so what they're doing there is um if you're mining on their mining pool or Dynex you will be drawn in weekly for Dynex uh giveaway okay so switch your rigs over to deepminers.com I'm gonna do that like I'm pretty well I'm just gonna do that right actually my rigs are already on D miners.com right now so switch them over right now and you guys will be in for a uh a one thousand dollar giveaway every week well it's split up a thousand dollars split up every week in the month of October all right and you know what I'm gonna take a screenshot of this I want to see how much their hash rate goes up after announcing so they're at uh 57.91 all right I'm gonna keep that I'll keep that all right so move over your rigs go to deepminders.com that's let's get them past F2 pool neuro pool EK April hero miners oh yeah oh yeah okay awesome coinage welcome back welcome back thanks man I just purchased an LSi 930524i raid card for half price j-bod beats Evergreen upgrading from smaller hbas can't handle 24.

John Germain I I agree I agree doing your own hard drive way is definitely if you know what you're doing it is the best way for sure um D miners thanks to D miners.com team developing the new Dynex Explorer block explorer.dynx dot okay let's see that wait Dyna uh block Explorer block explorer.x.org [Music] .com I screwed up nope I screwed up what is it dot org okay I'm not opening it it's not open connection is not it says site cannot be reached I think it's down is it down right now block Explorer dot dynx oh I went to the wrong dynexcoin.org there we go all right there we go that's sick latest transactions latest blocks latest jobs that's sick oh no oh no retro Mike is here retro Mike oh God retro Mike what are you doing here Kaiser your band string of baseball retro Mike only here to see overboard get timed out and brag about R34 R34 GTR I just bought you didn't buy an R34 GTR [ __ ] I'm like God damn it D Minor show the flag if you have it uh D minors tomorrow tomorrow down I will be downstairs in my basement so I don't have my webcam up here uh in my office definitely tomorrow um RX 580s are dead dude watch watch RX 580s come back like when the Bull Run comes out it'll be like oh man the rx580 making a dollar a day again what just do you watch just you wait retro Mike with the seven months welcome back foreign terrible terrible terrible I turn right after Mike how are you shout out to overboard Tech and financial failure they have a GPU giveaway really give me give me that GPU okay Bros what else is that there's got to be more stuff that's happened like in the past month has there has there been nothing else what else what else is cool what else is mining true what has happened in crypto mining world the past month I would love to see a video on setting up vcenter Ron Watkins I'm having one hell of a time trying to get the the uh I am not able to see the LUN l-u-n V Center for my data store using oh my brain's already hurting I don't even I already forgot what it's called um I got some alminer L3 plus running at my house lucky for me it's on solar panels or I'd be losing money I'm only getting 150 dude solar dude solar is great uh retro Mike rainbow Miner has been popping off my wallet balances this month rainbow Miner I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to try it I know it's an old coin but D cred is GPU CPU minable now oh boy is it that's cool D cred okay is it profitable I hate saying that word is it like good what is the like what is the connection ice guys eat yes Scott a yes yes [Music] um I've done lots of esxi but haven't done vsan or vcenter that's that's where I'm stuck right now I have my free VMware hosts up and I just wanna I want to combine the three hosts together in a cluster that's that's where I'm at right now that's where I'm at right now Andy from nioxa face reveal on the hobbyist minor chat really that's cool that's cool do you have specific esxi drivers for the hbas uh Scott a I'm not using like an HBA I'm using a what am I using again oh God what's it called oh what's it called I'm using that that uh somebody somebody what's the software what's the uh Nas open open open fan what's it called what the hell is it called open no openness Nas Nas uh freenas oh my God trueness trueness is what I'm using true Nas is what I'm using for the iSCSI uh connection yes yes yes yes yes yes um what model brand hosts I I'm using all 10 gigabit network connections um no no like like no uh what you gonna call it mini SAS connections or whatever whatever it's called [Music] um Chia farmer 2.0 was released with GPU compression all track [Music] [Music] I guess I'll write that down what else what else was cool over the past month what else was cool Max voltage what's up bro who let over Vortec out of timeout [Music] oh Max you're doing a uh 24-hour charity stream tomorrow right or is it not 24 hour but pretty much all day stream 12 hours yes 12 hour very nice cherish Dan Keller promised to donate 2K 10 Maxes are very intensive I never did he is waiting for more publicized to oh that's cool sick Scott a I understand that the mass is using ready mass but in the host the 10 gigabits are connected back the hose and switches the SSI needs drivers to view the storage ah maybe that's why uh uh I I gotta play with it again it's been it's been a month ah don't forget no SSD for Chia since there's no there's talk about you don't forget no SSD what Kirk McIntyre what do you mean no SSD [Applause] Scott a much like Windows needs OS drivers to view the mix okay it's not a okay well in esxi version 8 it does show the nips in the adapters is that different from the V Center Software like the software needs to be needs to have the driver something um Randy oh my God Randy thank you for the nation bro how are you man Robin mining posted an RX 470 doing a five kill hash on Dynex with a special bios Dynex memory timing is this true that sounds utterly amazing we we can try it I actually I have an RX 580 I can I can mod we can bring Windows back and mod the RX 580 in Hive OS [Music] uh that's cool if that's a thing then holy crap RX 580s are back at it um my book on Flex will be around Christmas I'll send you an autographed copy Kaiser it's got a yes you see physical Nicks but now you need the iSCSI software initiators oh man I don't know what that means Scotty I I'll I'll remember that ice Skies software initiator all right 18 billion in U.S treasuries dumped by brics members China Brazil India in one month Central Banking is done Michael Phuket rest in peace Mass boost what they let Panda back in Canada my God Mass boosts God damn it faster how are you man Scott a I'll send you a few links what is your generic mailbox Scotty contact redpandamining.com so I'm using the latest version of true Nas and VMware version 8.

on HP gen 9 I forgot what model they are um I still have 10 quality RX 580s can I put them to work Json mining maybe we're gonna have to try it we're gonna have to try it what about space match is it worth looking into that um Chum change how was that nasty duck embryo you ate by the way it was great you know what it was it was nasty at first it was nasty at first but it was it was great okay let's let's let's go let's go to my duck embryo that I had in Vietnam let's see here it is look at this all right I just had balut fertilized duck egg embryo famous bunzoo noodle soup shop I ate the whole thing and yes I gagged a little because of the thought of eating a baby duck 14 21 days into birth was still in the Shell was look at that look at look at this look at this this is the duck look at this is the baby duck dude it is a massive specialty in the South Asian countries it's I want to hear all about it no you don't you guys you guys have not you guys have not lived until you have tried balut okay you have not lived until you've tried some baby duck all right it's it's amazing it's a duck egg dish it's so delicious oh we got a Vietnamese person here yes yes yes [Music] I am in Asia I hope you liked Asia I loved Vietnam yes Vietnam was awesome it was great it was really good food is good food is so cute then food is so cheap it's extremely cheap I've probably only spent like I could probably say the amount of money I spend on food that whole trip was maybe less than a thousand dollars U.S it it was it was crazy crazy how cheap food is so what else Bros what else what else happened over the past month what else that duck looks gross but ravencoin still looks amazing uh dude ravencoin dude it's been so long what I have not seen ravencoin for a while dude if this man I'm dude when liquidity starts coming back like when Bitcoin starts going back up dude ravencoin is gonna just it's just gonna Moon just like is this gonna go up like crazy not Financial advice but man ravencoins at one 0.15 now crazy pretty crazy Raven is like blocks down and everything is down everything really except for Casper Casper has been defying All Odds were you burping up duck feathers Daniel Hall no damn it retro Mike a new distributed compute project came up and it's glorious what what is it retro Mike what is it what what what what is this new distributed compute project Raven tanks yeah everything's everything's okay uh Flex termination are True Believers of modern monetary Theory and they just keep printing forever looks like Amazon doubled price of the a03s yeah of course because everyone was buying them Mr Mike what is this new distributed compute project let me know um what else has happened coin Bureau was just the recent video talking about Casper oh really that's probably gonna that's probably gonna pump Casper then coin beat coin Bureau on YouTube is huge this here how about that is it look oh look at that silica went up a little bit uh not much though okay um man how long have I been streaming Richard Mike I'll message you later about what dope don't message me later about message in the live chat right now gotta keep it silent from these but no no no no no no you tell me right now God damn it no you don't need to keep anything secret there's nothing secret here tell me now or I will ban you I I will I will ban you tell me this is harassing me uh overboard Tech first gen octo minor Excel potentially fire prone via defective fan batch you know what I had I had to replace all my fans my X12 fans way back all right none of them went on fire though um gotta keep it it's varus corn surprise GP Utopia dependent money has nothing to do with the project starting with starting with GPU and ending intopia mine some new video yesterday in the API Chrome I've been a new GPU rental service creep Club Normal Club GP Utopia GPU what's with all these new names gputopia oh my God gptopia.ai [Music] your GPU Marketplace the easiest way to buy and sell GPU capacity sell us your GPU capacity for Bitcoin no special software needed just a Chrome browser most desktops and laptops supported get paid automatically to your I'll be lightning wallet we're building a Marketplace for GPU compute sellers went their GP Computer Exchange for Bitcoin fires pay Bitcoin to use GP compute for AI training or inner inter inference and this first version we are focusing on seller experience we want to make it easy [Music] via web GPU a new stand webm recently added to the newer versions of Chrome oh that's cool first your browser needs to download a language model with this four Gateway file that will be stored in the browser's cache so if you take a few minutes to download them 20 seconds of load from cash oh interesting takes about two minutes to carry an lb wall if you don't have one then you'll be ready to start earning Bitcoin interesting very interesting a couple of things using a web browser using the the Chrome browser just to be able to do this that's that's pretty insane that that can actually happen because of this new web GPU uh standard was recently added to the new version of Chrome very interesting very interesting what are you guys saying about this let's see [Music] Smokey Dan now that you're back help me set up a home network router out of an old aamd FX 8350 here I put PF sets on it gaming Smokey Dan God damn it put PF Sense on it and go to town There's many many PSNS videos uh I think Lauren's systems on YouTube is probably one of the best to learn um to learn PF sense make a crypto coin no wolf no um I think GPA I think GP Utopia will be a scam or not take off they want buyers of the service to pay in BTC ain't gonna happen [Music] too bad you can't try out GP Utopia right now waiting for the next phase of the beta um foreign this is very interesting I think my uh this is very interesting I I I'm just trying to understand how can they utilize the full potential of the GPU through a Chrome extension after years of development Chrome team has ships web GPU which allows high performance 3D Graphics data parallel computation on the web um very interesting very interesting okay depran remember for six months glad you're back no one plays SC2 with me uh awesome Japan it's it's good to be back it's good to be back bro um retro Mike I ran it for several days it was good but the next phase would be way better with CLI um it hacks you metamask and it makes them Rich 100 efficiency Maybe yeah interesting you know what's you know what's great you know as I think about this it's going to it's it most likely will move a lot of miners off of mining if that makes sense it may I don't know it depends though it's gonna totally depend how like good it is like how much they're actually going to make versus mining um in some cases I think when people are gonna move off then hopefully the difficulty lowers and then mining will be better in terms of yielding more of the coin it's good you know what it's it's good that these things come out it's good we need more of this we need more vast.ai we need more GPU GP Utopia I love that I love that name I love that name um my son is on my computer Patrick uh retro Mike you sent me something what is this this AI worker worker B operates at a high level responding to model in inference training fine tuning requests for specific model parameters currently we have we have only support llama 2 via the Llama copy it is fast compatible with any platform and GPU feature complete and handles model splitting stable diffusion will likely be next Target ah there you go stable diffusion that's like the most popular thing I think going bass on fast and I'm not a coder I don't know what any of this means okay that's cool uh what is this what does this mean retro Mike pilish Miner will you eat a duck egg live on air live no Palace Miner is the pirate welcome back thanks bro okay thanks thanks bro thanks for the five months thanks bro it's good to be back dude I've been wanting to make videos but honestly I'm trying to think of like I'm just I need to I need to like I said in my goodbye video I need to really sit down and finish all my other projects before I do anything else you know I'm kind of jet-lagged right now I've been sleeping like all day yesterday and then I slept again last night and then like um I've just been sleeping oh jet lag sucks really sucks really sucks um okay what else has happened over the past month what else has happened bro what else what else Patrick Murphy let's start that Panda to-do list I have I have it's just doing it sucks finish the damn wiring UK miners club that is on the top of my list I need to get four more 30 amp 240 volt circuits in for my Jeep years uh okay is there anyone streaming after me I think it's rabid mine is Mr rabid mining streaming let's see good let's see who's streaming after me I know there's usually a couple people anybody streaming rapid mining streaming no rabbit today no funeral oh no okay um he's got a fear ah okay got gotta get prepped for the Bull Run those troubles I agree I agree um Tommy T anyone know how I server support is I got a ks3l with a bad hashboard I'm hoping they won't ghost me in the warranty claim uh Tommy T you go to their website they have the support claim thing on their website icemiver.io there right here right here support you go to warranty inquiry input your serial number here yeah you go through there I was just on nerd gears today I actually saw some server cases what is this 149 new magic eight GPU mining case rig Bare Bones are these any good oh I see the pcie going into the pcie power going into the motherboard are there any PCI coming out like for the top of the GPU not sure if these are good or not graphics cards there your R9 380 30 dollars forty dollars scam bait online is streaming if you want to see scammers get out new magic is boo-boo uh okay wolf red panda mining make a to-do list live I do I do have a to-do list already it's in my Google Docs I I can't bring that up though because I got a I got a bunch of other stuff in there but everything I said in that other video previously is pretty much what I have to do um what else Bros what else oh my God what else has happened over the past month like are you guys like it's still everyone's still I guess GPU mining in some some fashion like at all or no are most of you mining I guess I just do a poll let's do a poll let's do a pull I don't know other starter Pole Patrick Murphy did you mow your lawn I don't have a lawn yet uh still mining yeah it looks like a lot of you still mining well honestly I think I'm gonna I'm gonna assume I'm gonna assume most of you have lower electric like what's everyone's electrical cost what's like let's just take an average like what's everyone here I'm assuming is like 12 cents and lower I don't know if anyone who's still mining over like 15 or 20 cents or something like that right 13 cents mad electron bam Patrick Murphy 31 what Patrick Murphy you have 31 Cent electric dude 28c okay there's a bunch of you with like 28 18 12.

man you guys you guys are getting wrecked getting hoes electricity cost so much [Laughter] oh 35 to 40 cents for the past three years dude what stared crypto Macau coming in here with the seven cents damn account baller baller bro I love it Michigan sucks with 18 cents is considered low 29 wolf blunt add three blunt Ed three cents where are you where are you for three cents retro Mike five cent retro Mike with the five cents God damn it eight Cent Canadian domji where Dom G where is this eight cents Canadian I need that I need that I need that on mobile bad service yo geek of all trades what's up bro long time no see beard been so long what's up bro uh 1.8 kilowatt hour at 11 cents okay pull back oh dude time to move to Quebec okay they got great electrical across there yeah still mining flux interesting what's okay here yeah so here's another question why what's everyone mining now what's everyone mining generally all right are you mining Caspa with your gpus are you Dynex what's everyone what's everyone mining uh Ergo Raven gpn what's gpn Dynex just BTC crypto God nice uh rxd Dynex rainbow rainbow Miner dude I gotta try out this rainbow Miner everyone says to try it uh btg Bitcoin gold Jamesy really Dynex and flocks Randy nice uh Dynex Zephyr and Varys domji nice locks in the ax I'm meowcorn rxd 9x Elysium yeah it looks like everyone says everyone's just mining everything that's awesome that's awesome get you all trades RPM picking up a butt ton of workstations right now dude nice nice I feel like that's that's that's the way a lot of people are going because of the um the uh because yeah either Xeon processors pcie Lanes all that kind of stuff yes now isn't the time to accumulate coins you mean yes you mean now is the time to accumulate well that's the thing you know you're look you look at everything you just like okay here's where Bitcoin is I don't know previous bear markets we've always had like a pretty good long like two or three years of like low low time I mean like I don't I don't think we're we're not out of the woods yet but no I don't know everything seems to be on like a downward Hill trajectory interest rates are still extremely high people can no longer pay for their mortgages people don't have Expendable income it goes all towards their mortgage or whatever cost of living is very high nobody's putting money into mining nobody's really I don't think anyone's gonna put money into Bitcoin the general the general population is broke or living paycheck to paycheck you know uh we'll see we'll see how it goes another I'm gonna I'm saying another two years one to two years um accumulate and eat the electric Json mining this this is the way but I know most people are not able to do that especially nowadays especially nowadays eating the electric is depending on your financial situation it's it's it's pretty rough it's pretty rough all my money goes to my power bill rude puts with the 20 months dude crazy thanks bro thanks bro okay the vert coin is the way dude what what is vert coin doing these days is vertcoin doing anything these days I haven't heard much it's straight down straight down cryptic all my money goes to gpus RPM understands uh yeah I I actually bought 5K where the gpus before I left oh now I gotta ask I gotta ask Hawk to uh ship those BBC is having a having 70 hours wolf what's BBC Baba coin I've never heard of this coin 70 hours help the homeless in five days lightorium Mona coin 39 days dude I love it I love Bitcoin SV 203 days Bitcoin 215 days dude this is a massive massive event crazy what is BBC baseball and plan BG listen I know exactly I'm not gonna get into that okay this is this is not the time or place for that okay retro Mike straight down means straight right back up yeah in most cases yes yes when everything comes back it it goes back up waiting on iron fish to switch Algos oh my God how come nobody mentioned that iron fish changing our girls how come nobody nobody mentioned that in the live chat iron fish is chain possibly gonna go to the new law miners uh uh wall miners knew proposed algorithm which on Discord I have it right here reminder we're still looking for advocates for each algorithm this was last week next Tuesday will be in the weekly miners call we will be presenting the voting options and expect the mining Community to members to make Arguments for each algorithm I'm guessing if no one steps up to make an argument for the algorithm it won't help the chances in voting so if you're opinionated about one of these options please let us know so there'll be someone to argue for the algorithm in the miners call here are the voting options as it stands ethos B3 ethash with 3372 auto lycos Prague pow lawly devs proposal keeping Blake three uh Who's Gonna Keep Blake three uh Patrick Murphy Cipher upon kicking off this week oh well I'm not I'm not going to that obviously but uh yeah I know a couple people who are that's pretty cool that's pretty cool um please organize your Discord and make some folders Eric career you know what I don't I never organized my Discord I have too many discords um retro Mike proof of work Summit is this week too a proof of work Summit is this week to proof of work Summit I've never heard of that what is that what else has happened I'll put that in proof of work Summit in Prague Jazz Miner will be there oh I did get an email about oh wait yeah I did get an email about that jazz Miner said they'd give me a ticket but I have to fly out to Prague I was like ah no thanks bit Main okay all right guys man it's been so long since I've live streamed I feel so I feel so tired I think it's because I'm jet-lagged you guys have any final remarks any final remarks anything you guys want to talk about flexible shutting down any link about it still Chia mining on flexible Dom G on their Discord if you go to if you go to flex pools if you go to flex pools um Discord they have an announcement there uh they said they are shutting down John Germain I got a rack minted Gold Miner for 62 plus tax free shipping John Germaine no way that's cheap man that is so cheap 62 bucks dude the Raspberry Pi alone in that thing is like a hundred bucks or more you can add your Travelers travels thanks bro I'm glad I'm black it's been I was getting antsy you know when I was on my trip I was getting I was like shaking I'm like man I feel like I'm missing something I was like I've made content over the past four years like almost every day and I'm just like I'm on this trip and I'm like man I haven't made any content for like a couple weeks I need to I need to do something ah so I'm kind of slowly getting back into it um but I do have some jet lag so I'm pretty tired all the time so I do need to oh I need to rest up uh before I get back into it how is CPU mining projects going Tech man I don't know retro Mike Ferris wheel yet probably where's my virus let's see uh Cloud Ico Cloud Ico don't see my workers oh there they go lifetime balance 73 varus yes I have so much varus coin 73 how much is that worth oh my God 31 holy [ __ ] that's pretty good just make content on those duckling nuggets new food fat golden wolf goddammit oh Kiko oh thank you for joining good sir mad electron take a shot of whiskey and go to bed you know what that sounds that sounds pretty good I might do that I didn't even notice you were gone I just went back and watched old videos Chuck Danger you're a band we gotta play Starcraft it's been too long we gotta play Starcraft just make you say cloud Ico too many times and bokiko shows up true look at this look at that here's my here's my here's my cloud ico.io okiko good sir how are you old videos Eagles best videos God damn it I see two next week I'm out of town for this I'm out of town for work this week okay nice um Palace Miner stupid ad blocks or fails to send everyone another chat I sit on here publishminer yeah YouTube YouTube chat sucks sometimes oh well for everyone crypto is Like A Bouncing It's Like A Bouncing castles okiko hey welcome back thank you thank you bro it's good to be back good to be back excited to do stuff for nav yeah when old videos when Panda actually used to make GPU mining content miss the old days that's it all right all right GP mining content for the rest of the week all right I'm telling I I'm being I have I have the bitmain X5 coming to my door like tomorrow I have the s19k already arriving today I have so many Asics coming and I know you guys don't like Ace of content so I'm just gonna leave them off I'm not even gonna touch them I'm just gonna touch my gpus okay you guys I'm just gonna touch my gpus and gpus only all right and then after that it's just gonna be months and months of Asic mining okay did you ever finish the 50hx rig no I will I will finish next week I'm gonna finish it hatch the fishy well 20 gpus stay away from Birds RPM girls that's it that's it for the live stream thank you for tuning in thank you for welcoming back welcome welcoming me back retro Mike 20 GPU rig build no not tomorrow I'm not doing it tomorrow I said I'll do it next week Patrick Murphy don't forget to fulfill Megan Chambers merch orders oh my God I have to fulfill a few I think before I left I did a video yeah I gotta I gotta give that away tomorrow is next week [Laughter] terrible top cow good to have you back on you too bro thank you thank you ignore everyone and get the Radeon sevens running that's why I'm doing the Radeon sevens tomorrow okay I wanna I wanna get those gpus up uh okay good night everybody I'm going to bed so sleepy jet lag is a terrible thing okay good night peace out smash the like on the way out appreciate you all I will see you tomorrow at the test bench area peace out time change peace I'll see you guys later D minors everyone again go go if you're mining Dynex change to deepminers.com as they're doing a one thousand dollar Dynex giveaway for the month of October start mining there now so that you be into the running uh every week they're giving away 200 of 9x every week and then 300 at the very last week of Dynex so get in there deepminers.com mining pool they have the lowest uh pool fee as well so you'd be getting essentially more Dynex if you're mining on all these other bigger pools hero miners with the 0.9 ek4 with the one okay good night peace out Bros peace out you guys have a great day thank you so much I can't wait to make the content again it's been way too long peace out peace out Bros have a good day [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign

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