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[Music] thank you hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day not even 24 hours after receiving this bit main atminer X5 this Monero Asic Miner it no longer works all right it no longer well it is mining but one of the hash boards has just died all right and it I I don't know what to say except some people may say red pendants because you took the hashboard out and you took out the heatsink and maybe over tightened it and no it's not that hashboard all right it's actually this one okay you guys can see here I had to do some process of elimination because I wasn't sure if it was the one that I took apart or the other one or you know all that kind of stuff so but we did boil it down to this hash board here so it is mining at like two-thirds capacity right now 941 watts and I can show you on the web GUI here okay it doesn't show three hash boards only shows two hash boards now okay so I'm gonna show you guys I guess throughout the video like also the minor config of what goes on when I do have the third hashboard plugged in all right there are a lot of errors that that comes up and so yeah I I just wanted to do this video for you all because man I've actually heard some reports of other people that have the bitmain X5 just recently that they have a dead hash board as well so I have one of the first batches here and this first batch is uh so far it hasn't has been pretty underwhelming to say the least you know not only do I have a dead hash board but you know we did do testing in that live stream right where we uh tried to mine other coins that have the same random X algorithm and so we were unable to do that with uh let's say Veil veil was not able to do that and also uh Zephyr Zephyr unable to mine with this bit main X5 even though it's the same you know random X algorithm you know it's but it's not able to work only Monero which it's working just fine for mining Monero and uh yeah I mean over the past day not even 24 hours uh fully mining with this thing it was mining Monero just fine up until I have a dead hashboard here and so that kind of like hits the nail on the coffin here but thank you to crypto who sent me the bitmain X5 this is not their fault that bit main has you know released a product effect that is pretty shoddy in my opinion and we did do a live stream right uh with that in that live stream we did also uh take it apart okay again I had to stress that I took this apart that wasn't the reason why one of the hashboards was dead I did only take out the middle one all right you guys saw that live stream so I took out the middle one and uh we just took it out we saw that had like so dim ram ddr4 ram 8 gigabyte sticks which is pretty cool and then we took out one of the heat sinks and it has one of the uh you know the risk V processors you know the I think it was the sg2042 it's like from a brand called sofo or something or so fun or something like that pretty cool right pretty cool so it's all made out of processors and RAM right it's not you know a typical like Asic Miner even though it's in like an Asic shell right and I think we did kind of say it came it looks like it's the same size as like a bit main ka3 or even a z15 pro or something like that but anyways yeah it's a it's a pretty cool interesting design you know all made out of processors I think it's uh six processors per hash board and so I think a total of like 18 processors uh for the whole thing and so anyway going back to you know plugging it back in we got it no problem uh it was mining just fine and then it's the next day next morning here I checked in I noticed the power consumption not at 1350 Watts that's it's at this 917 so it's at two thirds of its mining capacity right now because one of the hash boards obviously I took it out because I want to troubleshoot you know which hashboard it was and so I thought to myself oh no did I finally break an Asic Miner by taking it apart no right it's because of the hash board here this one right here it was this one I took apart not this one so this one is broken okay and I did try swapping the cables uh just to see if to like I don't know jolt the passport or something to make it work and no that didn't that didn't work so to resolve this in my opinion if bitmain is watching this bit main you better you know for people that that have broken hash boards for the bitmain X5 please replace the hash boards for all the people who bought these okay send them all new hash boards free of charge you better not charge everybody's shipping or any of that crap or tell people to you know take the hashboard out and ship them back the old one and they have to pay shipping and taxes duties and all that crap no you you better not do that you better ship out these new hash boards to customers who bought these free of charge do me last I don't even care at least the simple way to do it is to just send out new hash boards to those customers because uh yeah it's just a simple uh we did it in the live stream took out the fans right had to take that out to uh unplug the two fan headers and then take out the fans there was one more metal piece took out for the four screws the back plate and then we unscrew the two screws and then I was able to slide it out right slide out the hash board put in the new hash board you know maybe I don't know if we need new of these cables probably not and uh just yeah that's it that should be the replacement and that should just do it just fine okay so bit main if you're watching and I guess I'll show you guys the web GUI here for the miner log all right so just to show you guys here only one of the hash boards it doesn't show up right it used to show three hash boards here now it only shows two okay but if we go to Miner log right this thing is uh mining just fine right now so uh the air doesn't show up here but if I go to history log okay and if we scroll let's just let me scroll all the way down here okay so this is of it working now this is just fine uh but if I scroll up further up see these errors here detected Asic num less design uh Sun Chip not found restart chain okay so I was getting a bunch of these errors and then it would start to mine all right on the other two hash boards so uh with the other hashboard plugged in uh it was getting these errors here okay so that was that that was what was coming up in the uh the the history log here okay so yeah it's uh this hashboard for me it's this hashboard right here so bitmain if you're watching this would love to get a new hash board send me a new one I'll do another video take it out put the new one in see if it works that should be the resolution for these uh these very Troublesome x5s and please work on a new firmware as well to get you know to be able to mine other random X algorithms all right you guys I think you did say that it was compatible with mining other algorithms not other algorithms sorry other coins that have the same random X algorithm okay so like Zephyr for instance maybe Veil so try you know try to get those to work as well bit Mane like you guys have the resources you should be able to do that if not then this this product is it's really it's really not a not a good buy then especially uh if we're having these types of already hashboard failures not even on a full day of mining with these things so pretty pretty disappointing to say the least but anyways that's all I want to do in this video my friends let me know your thoughts and let me know if there's some resolution you guys yeah some I don't know if there's something else I could try uh to make it to make it work but uh like I said I did do some troubleshooting already uh to see if I can like I don't know make this third hashboard work but it's it's not because of me it's not because I I I did not take this one out I took out that middle one all right I just have to stress that you guys saw that live stream uh anyways okay my friends that's it for this video I'll see you 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