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[Music] e [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] yeah [Music] good morning ladies and gentlemen how is it going how's it going what's up Bros welcome to the live stream okay so I have a number of topics I wanted to talk with you guys today and mainly this is to gauge you guys the community I I just wanted to maybe do some polls here um read some of your guys's opinion in the live chat I know a lot of people after the fact that watch a live stream you guys like to get some perspectives and opinions and just maybe how do I say it you want to be assured in some way but otherwise none of this is like really Financial advice but I think it's safe to say that we have seen a lot of things transpire over the last couple months maybe over the past last year that have pretty much built up all the way up until this point where we are now where everyone is seeing GPU mining essentially being profitable in quotes profitable meaning you know these a lot of gpus are making dollars right now we are in the dollar value okay number of reasons for that is we've had these number of coins Carlson Pyon um and then a lot of uh of the prices of these of proof of work GPU minable coins have also appreciated so all of that has really lifted GP mining up in a way that we are seeing the dollar value now um conlux uh which thank you to Min some 10 yesterday the reason why conflex is so profitable right now is because the block reward or something has gone up uh is it the block reward or the block times have changed block time changed block reward has gone up I I I I don't I didn't look into it but that's the gist of it and then just what has happened over the past while here okay I I I wanted to want to get some uh some opinions from you guys okay so s sometimes GPS have been on since the merge that's yeah I mean if you were Mining and holding all the way up until that time then it has uh it has definitely paid off and it it it happened the the the fruits of your labor the the the mining and the hodling the the stress the you know just the you took the risk you took the risk to hold on to a lot of these other proof of work minable coins that have gone up hundreds of percent year-to date uh even past 90 days a lot of them have gone up more than hundreds of percent um in the thousands um depending which time frame 60 days 90 days month you you know there's been a lot of coins that have lot of proof of work coins that have gone up um and and it has it has been generating more I essentially uh daily issuance in the market uh essentially that is why because there hasn't been not yet I mean there is GP miners seem to be you know slowly turning back on but not to a point yet where we are seeing that unprofitable uh Point yet I mean it's it's we're at 11 Kow hour hasher done I mean we're still look like a 2060 you know two generation old GPU 90 cents right now Heck if I even go RX 580 this is like a six or seveny old GPU it's breaking even on mining a lithium apparently I I I can't confirm that it can get this hash rate but uh I was thinking of turning mine on I have I have a lot of 580s I think I'm turning them on but at 11 cents you know even at my even at my cost per kilow hour an RX 580 would make 11 cents at my power rate so I mean that's nothing that's nothing crazy but if this single 580 can yield me 0.29 0.3 Al lithium a day I call that I call that a win because when you think about that you know lithium has gone up quite a bit over the past year um over the past yeah this past year uh it's done pretty good now if it if it's going to go up more in the Bull Run that's that's the that's the play that's the uh that's the crypto mining strategy right there okay so let's let's go I I want to I want to I want to gauge you guys here mind something thanks for the shout out it's it's block rewards up due to nft mining uh nft uh minting and gas fees should taper off in the next 24 hours oh okay all right nice nice nice nice all right um crypto clutch I have to send 2 k3m passports to China oh rest in peace I'm sorry bro all right so um first first topic I wanted to ask you guys here all right at this point in time we're seeing profitability for gpus being generally good you know better than the past couple months better than the past year obviously um now are you mining what is most profitable and are you going to then possibly trade that into the coin you want or are you are you mining the coin uh with the highest yield okay what what's what's what's your guys is I guess this is maybe three different questions let me do a poll I'll do a poll let's do a poll what do you do now mine what's most profitable and sell for I guess sou three mine what's most profitable and trade into I can't even and and trade okay well I got it looks like I can't I can't type this much okay another option is mine the most yield okay all right okay um all right um let's see here okay hold on one second hold on hold on hold [Music] on hold [Music] on uh does is my internet is my internet down hold on hold on hold on you guys are still here right all right okay I'm back I'm back sorry I thought my internet went down cuz my phone my my phone died uh all right ah sorry I need to take a drink of [Music] water all right I'm all right all right here we go here we go all right so to the poll what do you do now mind what's most profitable in sell mine what's most profitable in trade mine the most yield what do you guys do what's what's what's everyone doing right now and give me your reasons why I I want to like I I want to know some I want to know some uh reasons here okay so you got a lot of you mentioned up here I've been profit switching and converting to USD daily I had to buy order go through at01 Caspa this morning that was my entire mining profits over the last few months nice wow M something need an option for both Nick Riley I'm mining for fun right now and I don't pay out of pocket uh Nick Riley nice man I have been mining flux and stacking it because I have been too lazy to figure out other OC's right now yeah see see man there's there's so many different variations going on here um uh let's see going down let's see I've been happy mining Al for quite a while at first sold all to BTC but now I've been yielding some swap some to BTC and have been to huddle uh need some profits for some I'm mining but what's most profitable right now and selling yeah see so depends on your financial situation this question really is I I guess it stems towards what your financial situation is like you're leaving paycheck to paycheck you need the money or are you holding or risking it for longterm you know that's that's that's really it um just got my first Etc payout the day thek the day the market sh went to bed wonderful oh man I got to check mine I mine for profit only don't care about the project life story or whatever let's buy a Lambo yeah but domg if you're mining for profit um I guess depending on the size of your farm really like are you do you think you're mining enough that it it it'll generate into a Lambo one day and if you're doing it for profit the daily profit are you missing out are you going to miss out on the exponential gains the the the percentage differences 10x 5x you know like do you think you could make more that way right so that that that kind of goes towards this last part here are you mind the coin with the most or highest yield but then you could mine more you could get more of the yield in a way because you are mining the most profitable coin and trading it into the coin you want do okay for me personally do I have time like do I have time you know to swap the coins trade no no I don't I I I I personally don't like doing that way is it more lucrative in a way it could be yes it it could be but depending on which coin you are wanting to yield or something um and you look at the profitability difference and you you factor in you know exchange fees transaction fees I don't know you know it it's it's negligible it it's it's it's really negligible and then and then there's another there's another there's another factor of uh do you care about you know if you're caring about taxes or trading or you know how you how you keep your books then mining the coin with the highest yield or mining the coin that you want and not doing any trading is going to be a lot easier uh because you don't have to you don't have to worry about you know oh man do I need to do my cost basis and you know I have to I have to I have to account the trading differences and the cost basis there you know it you know it many man there's so many different variables here um and in my opinion asking these two things or three questions it it it it it really depends it it just it just really depends on your on your situation there's no in my opinion there's no right or wrong answer because it it can really it it the differences between the time you sell or trade or the coin that you're Mining and you know if you even traded within that day or that night um a lot of exchanges also have a minimum in a way so the amount that you mine depending how much you mind is that going to be enough that you want to trade that or sell it it for a dollar or $2 doar like will The Exchange let you trade that most of them know you need to have at least you know five 10 bucks um to to trade in in most cases for some exchanges so depending on the timing and if the coin drops off um there's there's there's so many there's so many variations I could just we could go on and on we can go on and on neon if you mind the most profitable coin you will always got you always always get more of the yield on any other coin again it it depends what the difference is okay if you're mining like for a143 and then you want to trade into Pyon which is A14 are you really are you really saving and another thing to consider is um the power consumption that you're mining some of these coins right is it really going to is it really going to make that big of a difference I don't know it it it it depends it it really depends I I like to save my time and I don't have to worry about trading I do think this is a great idea though this is a very very great idea um and I I guess another argument against this this last part is mine the coin with the highest yield is you're kind of supporting the coin supporting the coin by mining it mining on their network but then another way to think about it for this first part is that you're supporting the coin by trading it into the coin so you're providing the volume and you're providing liquidity for that coin as well so I you're supporting either way you're supporting the coin if you're mining into the coin or trading into the coin I I neon yeah have to be a have to be a big difference sure yes yes you know it it yeah it has to be a big difference if you're trading or mining for the yield yeah it it's really it's it's negligible if it's like 10 20 cents difference um I mean after all the exchange fees withdrawal fees uh trading fees it's the same it's honestly the same if it's a dollar difference if you're trying to mine into a coin that's like not profitable at all then yeah then yeah then you know mining the most profitable coin into that coin would then be the most lucrative because you're going to get way more uh because uh you are yielding a lot more uh when you're when you're trading it into that coin Co yeah yeah okay all right let me end this poll that's the end of this question uh convert everything to BTC and rest easy yeah I mean see a lot of people do that that's that's honestly one of the best ways honestly yeah um okay uh so to end off the poll 41% of you mine the most yield 29% of you mine what's most profitable and sell uh mine the most profitable and trade is 28% all right so we got a lot of different people here a lot of different people lot of difference a lot of differences um like I said I'm going to I'm going to end off with this I like doing this last one it's it's just so I don't have to worry about trading I you know I don't have to worry about all that kind of stuff so could you make more doing this one yes yes you could you got to really keep up with it honestly you got to really keep you got to really keep up with it I mean you got to keep up with this too you got to keep up with the highest yield if you're going to do that as well um it's it's it's uh I don't I don't think there's any there is honestly no right or wrong answer going either way here um I know a lot of people that explain doing this part uh to be really good but you know this way is also lucrative as well depending which coin you're mining because you don't know whichever coin that you're trading into um or mining into you just don't know we're all it's all spec it's all speculative anyway okay uh mysterious what do you think about iron fish currently mining iron fish Target $10 what you think think love from India uh I mean if you're saying iron fish can go to $10 you're prob then then honestly a lot of these other coins are going to go to $10 or more it's not just iron fish I mean not every coin but you know as Bitcoin goes up if Bitcoin went to $100,000 right now you're going to see every single coin here go up and they're all going to be different percentages it's not not going to be like 600% it's going to be like some of them are going to be like 3,000% 2,000% 1,000% and you know then you're going to be like oh that was the smartest play in the world I mined this coin and it made it did a 10x I mean that that's going to be that's going to be you know uh that's going to be that's going to tr that's going to happen honestly in my opinion um so it it kind of goes it goes back to in my opinion that GPU mining was is never was never dead um of course depending on your financial situation if you could pay your electrical bill out of pocket during the bare Market I mean that that is the ultimate strategy there because if you held onto all the different coins that you mined over the past year uh the GPU The prominent GPU minable coins I mean it's some of them have done really well over the past year to date even a lot of them a lot of other coins past 90 days have gone up a lot um even 60 days narai clor you know a lot of these smaller cap coins have now gone up into 500 600 market cap um it's it's GPU mining is never dead it's always here and it's and it's it's been it's been really good I I I don't know what else to say other than if if you didn't believe in GPU mining now or before and you still don't believe in it now then you shouldn't be you shouldn't be in in GPU you shouldn't be in crypto mining at all that's it that's it overboard Tech you are banned all right next question next question are you a GPU density minor or a GPU efficiency minor which one matters to you let's let's do a poll density or efficiency density efficiency uh add an option uh no I'm not adding I'm not adding an option that's that's really it uh what what what would the third option be uh maybe for the you know uh maybe uh buy what what I can get I don't [Music] know all right depends on the temperature yeah see there you go Dom G exactly um price per megahash oh you know what that's a good third one hold on let me let me and uh bu uh that's actually a good one hold on let me end the poll hold on let me do it again hold on hold on that's that's a good third one that actually is a difference or dollar per Mega hash or dollar per hash rate whatever yeah that's that's that that that is that that actually is one I know a couple people do um the price of the hardware uh per hash rate that that's actually a huge one um density efficiency or yeah okay okay density efficiency um dollar or hash right start pull all right okay I want to see what you guys say all right s sometimes says um you always start with the volume and then you chase efficiency uh red pandamine Next Level Tech says you you always start with volume and then you chase efficiency efficiency is King always efficiency for Bare Market density for bull market uh Henry J New York in a sense yes s really this all this question here stems straight in the beginning from your electrical cost in my opinion the electrical cost is going to be the pretty big deciding factor here uh the next one probably is like environment environmental factors um what other Factor there's uh yeah there's a few others uh s sometimes says I lean density because I'm smaller as I scale efficiency will become more into play can see the advantages of both uh exactly yeah j a mining for heating uh let's see I'm going uh travel is travels I'm going for efficiency now but also running everything I have gpus because I only have 30 gpus at the moment okay Steven Robson uh dollar per hash is efficiency though uh well no some people do it based on how much it's earning how much you're spending per the hash rate no the the efficiency would be hash rate per wattage it's not it's not the other way around around chasing efficiency with a few RS to keep my skills up to speed until Bull Run nice electrical cost and amperage threshold in your house yeah that's a big difference I have 40 gpus and I've been selling anything under a 3070 and buying 40 series cards for efficiency uh Next Level Tech nice um Power here is 42 Cent per kilow that's terrible Panda wants density as he is dense massless ninja I have to go with efficiency because my Farm is completely solar yeah see there you go if you had solar efficiency matters um my rate was 0.5 density now that it's 10 cents efficiency and revenue per kilowatt hour uh rusky's crypto cave yeah exactly yeah um because your electrical rate was so low you can mine whatever the hell GPU all the hash rate all the high hash rate all the power you can use uh it didn't matter because you were making so much money uh but now that your cost per kilowatt hour is up now now it's getting to that point where it's like okay I'm spending a lot now on on GPU on the electrical bill versus how much you're actually making yeah yeah um right now efficiency since power rate is high I only have a few gpus yep yep that make that that's exactly that's exactly it Henry J New York if you're a business with low power consumption you go for density uh low low power yeah low power rate yes yeah exactly yeah uh right now I'm looking at the 47 TI as its best for profit per watt for efficiency um yes 4070 TI yes is the is the best 40 40 series GPU uh generally for mining yes yes yes yes um but in my opinion buying 40 series man 40 series GPS just cost so much I I just oh man I don't know I'm I'm personally waiting for the 50 Series I I'm personally waiting for the 50 Series um I'm I'm skipping the 40 series I I to this day just my opinion I still do not have a 40 series GPU I've never boughten a 40 series GPU I've never tested a 40 series GPU uh so yeah I mean yeah it's I I I think the next the the next generational leap is going to be the 50 Series um it's probably going to cost a lot but I think I think that's I think that will be the next Generation a lot better hopefully more spec to it as the 40 series has a pretty gimped bisb uh bis uh bus with speed um and anyways uh okay mining for heating is actually like dual coin mining for me I get like $150 worth of warmth and offset the cost whatever revenue is so basically free heating for my shed uh Jan a yeah exactly yeah exactly uh my 490s are insane repite jimy I bet they are I bet they are um neon is it is only me ho do reverse l on Bears I mine for hash rate because I'm interested in get the coin to huddle in the bows I am selling as I am not holding so I want to be more efficient for the dollar yeah yeah really Next Level Tech 47 TI are good to grab under market value as Gamers who buy them would rather a 4080 so they sell them under market right now uh Next Level Tech that's that's a good call yeah if they yeah if you can get a good price on them then it makes sense yeah yeah if it it makes sense um rondi efficient efficient over everything yes I I I agree I agree I agree to an extent if I had two or 5 Cent kilowatt hour honestly I I would probably just buy I would just be mining with like high high-end gpus um I would be I just be going hard making the most money possible um but yes if I had higher electricity then efficiency is going to matter for sure you you're going to L you're not if you're if you were say comparing it to density density you could get a lot more hash rate in a way because you are also spending uh it depends it really depends what the prices of the car cards are how much you can get them for the bulk pricing um but if you're buying like a bunch of 307s and you're going for efficiency I mean you can't go wrong that way either because you're spending Less on on electricity uh against how much they're making depending on your electrical cost uh there there's there's a there's so many variations you can go about this here okay let me end the poll 50 3% of you said uh 52% of you said efficiency 24% of you said density 23% of you said dollar per hash rate dollar per Mega hash whatever um anyone having trouble to get okay uh Ry says I will buy more Hardware to fill up that panel if I had cheap power yeah yeah exactly Next Level Tech density is great I'm in Canada I don't run any heat in my house only mining heat yeah next Lev Tech same same Krypto clutch I'm actively buying RTX 3080s right now uh crypto clutch nice love my 370s cool efficient reliable yes I agree 370s are the best cards in the world yes I I agree 307s are the most one of the most efficient gpus yes uh in terms of efficiency one of the best in terms of dollar per hash rate the best um density it's kind of like Middle Ground 3070 would be like Middle Ground density uh density is you're talking to like 309s 3080s big boy big boy cards you know Big Boy cards uh or just you know yeah um okay that that ends this conversation let's go on to the final let's go on to the final topic for today's live stream hopefully this live stream is is beneficial or uh thought-provoking and perspective building for some of you that are also that are also mining now or have been mining for the past year and now really understand what has happened over the past year a lot of stuff a lot of stuff has gone up a lot a lot of money has been made a lot of money has been made especially if you're Mining and holding the the crypto mining strategy we've talked about all year um all right okay uh Ronnie says oh some people have people that have more than 100 gpus will understand efficiency over yeah yes and people that have like higher electrical costs as well you you'll start to really you'll start to really feel it yeah for sure okay so you know what I have a question okay just like next level Tech said right now for all the gpus I personally have I have a lot of 30 series I have a lot of 3080s I have some 309s but mostly 30 60s 370s 360s I have everything would I be able to sell let's say I sold all of my 30 series gpus I don't have any 40 series gpus here I have some 20 series uh but it's mostly 30 series here if I sold all those gpus right now would I be able to replace that with 40 series and get the same amount of hash rate I would get better power consumption I I would get much lower power consumption yes but can would I be able to replace all of this enough to have the same hash rate I I would be a lot more efficient but is there any way you guys think i' be able to get the same hash rate I don't think so I don't I don't know I I I'm just I'm trying to I'm trying to understand I want to know what you guys think I got 309s 3080s 370s if I sold all that right now i' bought 4070 ti 480s do you think I can replace you think I can replace this hash rate I highly doubt it or everyone would not a chance but I can buy some of your 37 you know what we okay another live stream okay guys you know what another live stream we're gonna calculate all my GPS I have on right now okay we're we're going to we're going to we're going to take all the gpus I have we're going to put them in a sheet we're going to put the prices on them and then we're going to compare it to buying new okay we're going to com you guys want to do that in another stream I think that would be fun that that would be really fun that would give some perspective if I could actually replace all these gpus with 40 series you know that that would be that would be such a fun thing that would be a fun thing to do if you guys want to do that that's a yeah I think that that'd be fun that would be really fun yeah yeah okay next next stream tomorrow I don't I'm not GNA have a video because I'm still sick I'm still coughing uh but tomorrow we'll we'll I we will go through all my rigs we'll put in all the gpus see how much we can sell them for and uh I guess we'll equate how much hash rate we're getting as well and then see if we can buy new you know you know what I mean like sell my used cards buy 40 series I I I would love to see I would love to see if that if that would be if that would be uh a possibility you're looking at more dumped cost to get the new stuff uh big black snake mining right yeah uh right I if I there's no way in hell there's no way in hell I'd be able to sell one by one well maybe I could like Facebook Marketplace you know one by one but that would take forever um I'd have to do like bulk sale like I have to sell like 8 307s at one time you know like I I selling one by one would be such a pain in the a GT man what happened to I've never had a 40 series and then and then [ __ ] that was talked after that GT man I know I I'm I'm just doing theoretical it's all it's all theoretical here it's all theoretical retro Mike thank you for the uh uh uh Super Chat earlier retro mic a few fpgas will get you that 66 gigahash easy God damn it don't say that don't say that uh Next Level Tech 2747 a will will give you over 60 gigahash at 3,000 [Music] Watts [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] H okay we'll do this tomorrow we'll do the math tomorrow we're going to we're going to do the math tomorrow WTF y are 47 oh that was in Canadian sorry this is in Canadian this is Canadian pricing uh USD this would be this would be like 15 grand 15,000 US ah granted I do have some other rigs mining here not radiant so just anyway um all right we'll do that another time we'll do that another time but okay let's go on to the last question we we'll we'll do the we'll do the theoretical selling of my whole farm and we'll buy 40 series in in a theoretical thing tomorrow well we'll do the math tomorrow and and we'll figure out how much hash rate we can get achieve okay I think that'll be fun if tomorrow we find out that actually boing buying 40 series will be a better buy right now uh selling all my gpus then we'll do it if not then we'll figure that out tomorrow uh Next Level Tech that was 60 gash on kls I haven't checked radiant oh what is a 4070 ti do on radiant anyway last question last topic do you believe in GPU mining now after all that has transpired over the past couple months even after the ethereum merge over a year ago what would need to happen to make you believe GPU mining is never dead wh what I don't think anyone that's in this live stream right now is is uh believes that that mining that GP mining is dead but for everyone else I mean what has happened over the past year do do you believe did did you ever have a thought in your mind that GPU mining was dead I never had that I mean you guys know that I've constantly been making videos about mining every day right not not in the past couple weeks because I've been sick but did did did any of you ever had that inkling that that that feeling you know over the past year even after the merge when you stopped making hundreds or thousands of dollars mining GPU mining ethereum did you guys all think that it was debt and you know a lot of people sold off their rigs a lot of people sold off everything was that was that the best play or was the best play to you know mine and hoddle during the bare Market what what was what was your what was your what was your thought process what was everyone's thought process during this time I want to know what you guys think tell me tell me your thought process what's your guys thought process over the past year um okay who's sending me this uh all right um uh okay I'm missing all these questions uh GP money Never Dies I feared it but kept cards around anyways so I guess not really buying been buying cheap used Hardware all year Bitcoin Andy nope never been mining every day stacking since e uh side CRI driving so here but not here keep mining in the bare Market that's right uh why did my music stop um all right um mine are off can't get them stable CPU only right now ah oh speaking of CPUs I have 16 CPU motherboard combos behind me oh man I've been inkling to make a video but of them I just I I don't I've been coughing I I just can't do the video oh I have so many rigs I have so many CPUs behind me um mind huddle soul to reinvest wish I would have bought more hardware and doubled down yeah yeah I I wish uh well no I was going to buy more gpus but I I did buy $5,000 worth but I I still haven't put that up yet so I said I wasn't going to buy any more until I actually put up my other uh turn on my other Hardware which is sitting offline oh I'm so bad but I've just been so sick uh um neon red pen mining since 2017 mine the Bears sell the Bulls jonw mining been mining for the past 5 months should have never stopped um crypto shaped I did sell half of my gpus but I am still in it for the long haul but hoddle all my coins and bought coins in the bare Market nice man see that that's a good play there too uh static I was only a Trader in the last bowl so I just accumulated hardware and coins during this bare time nice uh static that's a great play man great play uh extreme uh V blog these days added more solar power and buying more Hardwares nice nice nice nice nice let me turn on the music um jrose sebs did a 40 series comparison on different coins uh let's watch that oh man we should have watched that well actually yeah we can need I don't have his I don't have his video up here I found also that I guess we can just there uh 4070 TI here we just go hash right down I know 470 TI uh where is the ti 4070 TI 4070 huh is there no oh here 47 TI all right uh Radiance uh let's see 1.5 gigahash so at 104 Watts what does my 3702 [Music] 71 megahash at 6070 Watts so what's the efficiency there comparison wattage 70 Watts divided by 712 that's a 0.098 uh watt per hash okay let's do the 4 470 TI 470 TI was what uh 103 102 divided by 15 uh 1500 megahash so it's A3 3 03 points better in efficiency 47 ETI is 0.3% better uh 30% 33% better 33% more efficient on radiant than a 3070 now come to think of it what how much is a 4070 TI right now H how much is a 470 TI and how much would it cost to sell two 370s how how much how much does how much does it how much can you sell at 30704 let's talk in USD USD pricing 2 to 300 for 3070 so a 4070 TI brand new is 750 800 so you can't really technically sell 2370s to buy 1470 TI the reason why I say 2370s is cu if you times the hash rate of 1370 uh it would get you can get by two you can get the same as a 4070 TI you can easily get 370s for 200 250 right now yeah dude I saw at one point there was someone selling 30 370s for 180 that would have been a really good buy the dollar per Mega hash right there would have been would have been an amazing [Music] buy amazing buy so it sounds like you're going to have to spend maybe1 maybe $150 more to get the 4070 TI if you if you sold two 370s right yeah I mean you're you're selling used cards you're going to get a little bit less than versus buying new cards at this point but you are getting way more efficiency not way more but I mean a good 30% more efficiency which in the long run does that make sense yeah yeah in the long run it in the long run that that could make sense actually local seller had a 30 7s for 150 the add up was for 10 minutes and they were gone the time I messaged you really wow that's nuts man 4070 non also performs like a 3060 on every Al non core algo yeah oh that's right that's right um the 40 series cards because they're they're gimped on the bus width they aren't strong they aren't that strong on on the uh on the non-core alos right uh 4070 TI let's see here a lithium 2.69 GH 152 Watts yeah my 3070 can do 1 Point 1.3 1.2 at like 90 Watts so it's really it I mean it's a it there's efficiency there there's a little bit more efficiency there but it's not like a it's not like a big difference you know it's not like a huge difference um that's kind of why I was thinking waiting for the 50 Series cuz the 30 series to 40 series leap there is not really a big difference but um hi Panda I haven't watched you in a while but I'm glad you're still uploading I'm not really in the loop anymore but GP Mining Profitable at 25 cents um uh generally uh let's see it's all General hash r.

I know is all General um yeah if you're if you're mining purin you would be a little bit profitable yeah we're talking about 50 cents after you're electric depending what gpus you have yeah yeah it is in a sense is it a lot no is it life-changing money no but it it is a little bit profitable yes uh mless Ninja it's not like the power savings is going to pay the difference [Music] H uh Sy Toshi yep that's exactly my point right now waiting for 5,000 series 3090 to 490 diff is huge on kapow I have both well what does a 4090 do on kapow narai 65 megahash 300 watts 490 does 61 megahash 362 Watts so it's a 6 watt difference that's not a big difference 60 watt difference between 3090 to 4090 isn't a 3090 like 600 bucks us and then like a 4090 is like 1,500 I mean does like a $900 spread there for 60 watts is that a big is that is that a big difference is that worth spending that much more for kapow I don't think kapow is kapow even good on 40 series let's see that's the thing right I thought in the 40 series are gimped on some alos and it's not really a big difference compared to the 30 series so 470 TI does 32 megahash at 149 watts is that right is that is that right uh doesn't a 3070 do 30 at like 130 140 that makes the 470 TI terrible on kapow Am I Wrong uh overboard Tech 40 series are gimped on kapow right flux 88.4 Souls 133 Watts for 470 TI what does a 3070 do 3070 does on flux uh 72 at 149 yeah so I mean not a not a not really a big difference not not a big difference at all okay so yeah yeah 40 yeah I I know we we we we talked about this earlier 40 series is gimped on kapal yeah are on those types of algorithms it's not very efficient compared to 30 I mean the amount that you're spending if you're mining for kapow you don't buy the 40 series you buy AMD cards for kapow um but when it comes to like pin Carlson you know those lower power alos Al lithium the the 40 series are awesome yeah uh buy mind something buy 4070 TI super look at the leak specs mind something what what what is a what is a 4070 TI super 4070 TI super will either be based on the 80 103 with 16 GB gdr 6 through a 256bit bus oh it's like to be 803 same memory configur 470 TI these cards are expected to be priced between 69 5.99 649 799 899 9999 1,000 yeah MSRP okay interesting interesting uh Next Level Tech I'm starting up my 4070 TI tomorrow if you want me to shoot you some stats on them uh Next Level Tech yes Next Level Tech get get some uh newer updated hash rates on uh alium Carlson uh norai get a get a kapow get a kapow algo uh hash rate and do flux I'd like to know I'd like to know the hash rate that you can achieve on flux or yeah cuz see th this is where it comes down to see since the if if if the 40 series is gimped on kapow and core um non-core algorithms um like memory dependent ones a little bit more memory dependent like flux or uh kapow narai uh any kapow coin um then what what's the value uh you got to compare the value to the 30 series which the 30 series is generally efficient on all the algorithms even kapow you know what I mean you you guys understand you guys understand what I'm getting at so even though the 40 series is more efficient on some of the alos it's not really that efficient on others you know what I mean so is there like you know thinking about like the opportunity cost versus uh you know buying a 30 30 series to 40 series or simply just waiting for the 50 Series I don't know is is that is it a big generational leap that much more bigger efficiency leap generational leap from 30 to 40 series for mining uh I earn 4070 470 does 51 Mega has on eash don't buy cards that only do one thing well uh overboard Tech wait whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa overboard Tech 4070 does 51 Mega has on eash that's terrible is that terrible 40 70 reum no it says 60 Mega oh no uh uh uh uh uh uh uh what's the eash coin what's the eash coin on this list uh what's I don't see any ethereum eash B3 62 megahash at 120 watts alaor Tech when's the last time you you tested eash 47 they said 470 does 62 megahash 124 Watt that's like a 3070 this is literally a 3070 hash rate right this 470 does what a 370 does on eash right am I am I am I missing that am I missing something am I missing something is that the same hash rate as a 3070 for eth hash uh mind something sorry I'm way behind the stream 47 TI super is getting new chip extra cudic course larger bus and 16 gab of ram nice M something nice but how much will it cost how much will that GPU cost that's the that's the big question uh that was launch day hash rate test been a while how uh however a 3060 rev 3 performs identically Jesus Christ uh 62 63 and a 3070 yeah okay so yeah so I remember we saw this overboard Tech I remember we talked about this too bro we talked about this together we I remember we talked about this like beginning when the 40 series came out we're like these cards have a gimped uh bis buts bit bus speed and you can see on the E coins or any memory dependent coin um the 40 series is not strong at all it's it's maybe a little bit more efficient but it's if not the same on par as a 30 series for eash for memory dependent does that make sense does that make sense um so because of that would because of that then with kapow and eash being gimped on 40 series is it then better to buy buy them buy the 40 series for you know a lithium radiant uh iron fish oh no iron fish is going to is going to eash uh the uh LOL minor developer is uh creating a new algo for the iron fish so that's going to be Memory dependent so it's going to be gimped on iron fish um NEX AOW is NEX AOW good on 40 series Blake 3 Obviously good a lithium Carlson purin you know next level Tech Red P my goal always buy more fishing cards and wait to sell my older ones when the Bull Run comes because their value will go up uh then versus now yeah I agree I agree wait to buy wait to sell my older ones when this bow run comes yeah yeah yeah in a sense then now that I'm in a sense then now that I'm thinking about it I probably don't want to sell my I probably don't want to sell my 30 series you know I don't know um good day RPM C Manning what's up bro what's up next says very good on 40 yes all right man lots to think about man L lots to think about lots to think about either keep my gpus or you know theoretically sell them for 40 series you know go for that density you know go I mean go for the that go for that more so efficiency not on Capal or eash but more so like the core dependent coins if that makes sense and if that's going to be a better opportunity or not uh versus the 30 series begs the question because you don't know you know you don't know over time you know what's going to be more profitable than what you know we saw kapow coins come out of the Woodworks over the past couple months uh being one of the most profitable like narai clor you know so 40 series wouldn't be that great on it you know the dollar per Mega hash wouldn't be that great but the 30 series or AMD cards for kapow do really well decent so just it just depends man there's so many there's so many ways you can look at it um you are going to get more efficiency on the core coins but yeah what over Vortex said regarding the you know Capal and eash coins it's it's not really a it's not really that big of a difference really mind something supposedly 47 TI super will get $799 and non supers will have new lower MSRP we'll see nice all the alos that 40 series do well on are going Asic route anyways uh Henry J New York you are not wrong you know what holy crap that's actually a good thing that's actually a really big thing to think about um Henry J New York that you bring up a great you bring up a great thing um the super SC jlor K10 recently is now on Carlson um Carlson hash but Carlson hash did talk about changing alos uh Carlson so I don't know if that's going to happen um but some people are talking about a lithium having an Asic on it I know the super scaler K10 uh you know what there just super scaler K10 can do a lithium as well uh hold on holy crap this is expensive oh boy doesn't show the hash rate here it's just for kaspa anyway um yeah that's that's actually that's actually a a very big that's actually a big one to think about KY Rosa what's up bro um oh man you guys guys you guys give so many ah see this is why we talk about this is why we talk about it in live stream I want to get your guys' opinions and perspectives because you know it maybe it's not a good idea to sell your 30 series because it does you know on par with a 40 series for kapow if you're mining kapow that is um or eash coins and then on the other side of it what Henry J New York what you just said regarding you know yeah there are a lot of those core dependent coins which are very nice and efficient on gpus but they could they you know they could they stemming the way of as6 right like Radiance you know a lithium you know that all those easy to mine low power coins uh with that always brings in the ability to build ASX on them so that's a whole other thing to think about like is it really is that really a good idea you know um but then it goes back to you know how many 307s or how many 309s could I sell for a you know 30 3070 TI you know like how you know I got to compare it you know it it it may be fine you know it it may it may actually be a better route to sell all my 30 series cards sell all my gpus for 40 series even though it's maybe not that big of a jump but maybe getting newer cards might have better resale value later on does that does that make sense maybe maybe you know maybe maybe the resale value will be better it will obviously be better on the 40 series uh especially towards a gamer so if you could if you can do a trade you know two for one or one if you could do one to one um when I mean like 2370s for 1470 TI if you could do that then that would be a that would be a pretty decent that would be a decent trade you know I don't know I don't know yep AMD at least 10% more efficient on kapal this and last gen right [Music] right um all right so all right what now Bros what now that's it that's it that's it that's it Bros that's it that's all we're going to talk about greetings from Germany Dan Rose what's up bro what do you think about conflex it seems to be the most profitable on 37d ref what to Mine uh yeah conflex uh seems to be pretty good right now for now until everyone jumps on it and then it's not profitable anymore I think I think everyone jumped on it and so it's not really uh I don't know I I I honestly I haven't been following it just it still shows nice hash octopus at the top of the chart here so it it might be good son of a rabbit Panda I will never doubt GP mining because of GP mining is dead H oh my God all right Bros you guys have a great day you guys have a good one I am I am out of here I'll see you guys later thank you for today thank you for the fun congrats Bros thank you for coming by Smash the like on the way out uh I gotta go now streaming over an hour I wish I could stream more but peace Bros peace peace jrose Raven 3090 360 watt 52 mahash 490 298 65 mahash okay yeah yeah definitely a little bit more efficient definitely yeah definitely more efficient go fix your zot tax fan no all right peace out peace out Bros have a great have a great okay bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye goodbye goodbye goodbye thanks for watching peace out peace out you guys have a great day safe day peace peace peace [Music] peace [Music]

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