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foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] here I'll be doing well having another great day I actually just been recording for the past hour of just taking this ice server ks1 apart and taking out the fans and had some little other issues I'll explain later but ultimately I have replaced the fans for these little slim 120 mil noctua fans but I didn't want to waste your guys's time I just decided to just re-record and just say it doesn't work okay so I've put on these noctua fans and for the past let's see hour and 44 minutes it's not mining at all okay and just showing you the temperatures here it's just because it's not mining it does show the RPM of the fans all right 1800 RPM for these slim noctua 120 mil fans and it yeah it doesn't seem to work due to the voltage apparently I was talking with t-swift on Discord man thanks for your input but yeah we were just going back and forth here I think ultimately I think the ice River control board is looking for the voltage for these uh stock fans here which I've never heard of these BR of this brand before martech have you guys seen this 2.7 amp 120 mil fans like these are very like reminiscent of like you know Delta fans and I mean like the whole reason why I took these apart and I mean the whole reason why I took the stock fans out was because the ice over stock fans were Extremely Loud obviously at 100 even at like 35 percent it was decently loud so I wanted to try these a lot quieter slim knock to offense and it is definitely a lot quieter the loudest part on this ks1 now is the power supply fan and uh yeah I was thinking okay if this worked then I was going to replace the power supply fan but now it doesn't seem to Hash at all I have done a few different troubleshooting methods and it doesn't it doesn't seem to work at all with these fans I think it's due to the voltage so I tried resetting back to default like the whole factory settings that didn't work obviously restarted it shut it off turned it back on I even tried swapping the four pin power just to I don't know just to try it and yeah it doesn't seem to work I think we've concluded that the voltage is not enough because if we go to the noctua let's see here the specs for this fan the nfa12 X5 1.5 pwm that the power or voltage here is let's see 0.11 amp versus a 2.7 M fan which we did test that if we had this at 100 that it was taking about 650 660 watts at full bore but then when I moved the fans to 35 percent in the web GUI then the power drop down like a good 80 Watts 85 Watts down to 580 to 85 Watts so that was pretty drastic power consumption difference but unfortunately these nocto fans don't work so that's what I wanted to update you guys on for anyone that was wondering about this t-swift wanted me to try this knock to a fan mod and stay tuned I am going to get a fruition designs shroud kit for this sks1 along with a cloudline Xfinity fan and also a Nord cloudline I think adapter that's going to go into here to automatically control the fan speed when and if the temperatures of this ks1 goes high or not which it really didn't go high at all when I even had the stock fans at 35 I guess it will also depend on where you are mining with this if your environment is a lot hotter or if you're mining with other you know Asics around it it will definitely be a lot hotter so I'm excited to try that kit that should come pretty soon thank you t-swift for hooking me up on that one all right I'm gonna quickly put the stock fans back onto this and make sure it works because I was afraid that I was going to short something and I'm using like extender cables and I had to cut some of the a bit of the plastic ends on each of these extender cables because it wouldn't fit on the four pin anyway I recorded a whole thing you know take it up taking the whole thing apart taking out the fan fans and had all that kind of fun stuff I'll put all the little Clips here you guys can see but anyways I'm gonna put the stock fans back on right now make sure this thing mines be right back [Applause] okay I thought I'd go ahead and take the opportunity to show you guys what a hash board looks like so instead of putting the stock fans on I have taken out the back piece here okay that was uh basically right behind the uh you know the nocto fans or just the fans in general and so I took out the two screws on the bus bars okay I'm gonna take out one hash board here all right also I took out uh this is the controller piece I guess that goes through the control board just to show you guys this for anyone that is interested in looking at what this control board looks like here okay from Ice River ice River ks1 okay so now let me just simply I should just be able to pull this out this 70 to 80 a day I am taking this out for you guys this looks pretty cool actually it's it's pretty hefty okay so here is one of the back sides here I I'm not a PCB silicon engineer so I have no idea uh what to say or what any of these parts mean but just showing you guys here okay I think is that like the heat sinks on the back all right here's the frontal side looks like a massive uh heat sink on the front okay looks like we have a part number here KS version 1.3 so it looks like this is a I definitely have multiple revisions of these hash boards and I'm assuming my ks2 has like version 1.0 right the first uh ks2 that I got back in June but uh this is uh looks much newer it feels feels really good okay here's this part here sorry if it's not close enough but up here okay nothing really nothing really to look at I mean this is a very typical hashboard of an Asic Miner I think a lot of Asic miners look like this but pretty cool nonetheless okay just showing you guys the stuff here for anyone that is interested I hmm I am man as much as I want to I really do want to take out one of these but uh I no I'm I'm gonna assume that I'm gonna have to provide a lot of uh thermal paste after I I take out one of these things anyways I don't think it matters okay guys so that's what it looks like let me know what you guys think down below all right this is uh this is pretty cool okay let's put it back in gently oh assuming I'm putting it in uh the right slot okay [Applause] there we go perfect like a glove okay putting the screws back on okay guys I'm just gonna I'm gonna reverse everything put everything back in and then I'm going to I'm going to put on the fans and actually one kind of funny thing the power six pin power for the control board is actually in through the bus bar here I found that to be uh pretty interesting so it's not a you know it's not like a typical I guess that's the way it gets the power right so interesting pretty interesting okay all right I'll be right back okay stock fans are back in I didn't put the lid on because I don't know force a habit see if it's smoked or anything but nope did the smell test it's on and it's mining I have the fans at 30 so it's a little bit more quieter from the 35 percent I had before but it is mining now after about it pretty much after a couple minutes it starts hashing so uh it does seem to it does seem to work and if I go to mining setting here I'm running on two miners I'm at 30 fan speed so if I go to the temperatures okay yep we're at uh 35 Inlet 51 temp in the back okay or that could be on the chip so there we go there's the RPM of the fans there as well in case anyone was wondering okay all right that's that's all I want to do guys so a fail project for me of trying to do noctua fans on a ks1 now if ice river is watching this if they could maybe have a firmware new firmware that would allow different voltage fans or something down the road that would be awesome for those that want to do different fans you know and you know just see how the temperatures would fare obviously I guess it would depend on the temperatures and where you're mining of course your environment all right guys that's it for this video let me know your thoughts I'll see you on the next video have a good one peace out foreign

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