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[Music] he hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day welcome back to the crypto mining basement where I am am basically revamping it making it nicer in a way more cable managed and no as6 essentially just all gpus I've been having one hell of a time getting these rigs up but to be honest that is what it's all about GPU mining is a lot of fun regarding you know setting up your rig playing with gpus overclocks you know what coins to mine to do all that kind of stuff it it really really is you know something to be proud of and to be really excited for when you're either doing this as a hobby or even a business you know for me I do it as a business and this has been the best thing ever a lot of fun and so here we are I am trying to set up more GPU mining rigs here I just turned on a 20 series mining rig okay this is all different models I think 2060 all the way up to 2080 TI and so I hope this one is booted here I think it's mining already 3 amp I don't think it's mining DX let me go check okay let me refresh here uh okay we're going to go to online and let's see okay so number 10 C just came up a minute ago here we go so these are all the 20 series cards 2080 TI 2080 super 2080 2070 super 2070 2060 super 2060 and another 2060 I think the difference here is uh one is 12 gab one is 6 GB so here are the hash rates for these 2080 TI is doing 5.5 Kash okay latest version of SRB minor 2.3.9 and yeah there we go okay looks like all the core is set here uh but actually let me check the flight sheet the flight sheet is where the magic happens so I have core offset 90 C clock 1470 that's core off offset and then uh oh power limit is 170 okay so uh but anyways it looks like wow the 2060 super or no 20160 super is getting 3.4 versus the 2060 is only getting 2.7 but the power consumption is a little bit more there the 20160 with Samsung memory versus the Micron memory looks like the power savings with the Samsung memory that's pretty cool okay so looks like this rig is good I'm not going to touch this yeah look at that oh man look at this this is so beautiful this is this is What GPU myang is all about Bros I love seeing this I love seeing all the gpus here man this feels good this this this feels really good you know I it's just like reminiscing while I was you know putting all this together over the past couple days it's just like when you're looking at a GPU like this and or any GPU for that matter and you're you're really into crypto mining when you're looking at something like this it's just like I love this I love this so much it's it's just having a GPU in your hand for some reason it just feels so I I don't know what it is I I there's just some sort of appeal about these gpus that makes you addicted uh yeah that's that's it makes you addicted to GPU mining that's that's why I have an addiction to buying gpus you all know that right oh terrible just just terrible all right let me verify the power on this pdu first for this 30 okay so it's upside down okay we are at 2.84 amp okay all right um now we're going to add another rig here and that's going to be my other 3080 rig okay that was sitting right here I hope this works okay so let me just put this up [Music] there okay here's the 380 rig you know there's one thing thing actually probably a couple things that you know what GPU mining is not all about or maybe it is to you is carrying these octo miners up on your arm onto the Shelf with the cards they're extremely heavy I I'm not a big person at all but man you you definitely get a workout when you start moving these things onto you know the racks just like this just is just insane so I've ran into an issue I I can't seem this I can't see this rig on hi it's not getting uh it's not going to the next screen on the OLED I reformatted the SSD that doesn't work I don't know why it's not getting a like a connection let's go let's see the back maybe the motherboard is not uh is not working oh I'm stupid I'm stupid all right no network cable all right all right scratch that scratch that scratch that that see this is see This is What GPU mining is all about you know sometimes you forget to plug in an ethernet cable or maybe sometimes you forget to plug in a PCI E power cable or a riser or USB cable I forgot to plug in those X1 adapters you know it can be anything see there there you go there's a great example of me GPU mining is not it's not glamorous you know there's always something there's always there's always something here okay all right let's see if it's uh let's see if it's mining or can it's getting a power it's not money I don't have the flight sheet let me go set that up nope the SSD is dead okay even though I reflashed it it was successful and I put it in the octom miner it doesn't read on Windows anymore so there you go another I guess the joys of crypto mining right there is dead hard drives ssds in server cases like the Octo miners very prevalent okay I need a new SSD okay there we go oh man just dead ssds 30 gig octo Miner ssds everywhere okay now I need to download the proper so I'm going to copy this guy onto the hive Drive paste it here got to take out the 15 there cuz I've done it downloaded this same file too many times on the downloads folder and we're going to eject it probably don't need to do this part but I also of force a have it eject okay there we go all right putting this into the octom miner let's go let's do this oh man I love it I love it I love GPU mining this is this is what it's all about I need two hands for this uh he there we go all right all right it's in Slide the SSD back in we're going to hit the power button I think it's this one this one all right okay finally let's let's see if this actually goes into hios now I thought it was the network cable all initially thought it was the motherboard I didn't plug in the network cable still couldn't see it restarted rebooted still couldn't see it took out the SSD the SSD didn't work uh got a new SSD reflashed it now let's I hope this works I hope this works seriously GPU mining Bros this is this is what it's all about this is this is the joy of crypto mining let me know if you guys enjoy stuff like this also if you enjoy that Bitcoin is $34,000 as of recording it's like nearing the end of October this is pretty pretty nuts pretty awesome okay let's see hiest do you see that 11c rig yeah there it is it showed up Bros perfect perfect look at that 6 EVGA 30 80s okay I'm going to update this rig to the max okay Force upgrade upgrade all right then I'm going to apply the flight sheet okay so I have a 3080 specific DX flight sheet because RI thank you good sir RI this these parameters you know what let me open it up uh you guys probably want to see it like this set up minor config okay for anyone that has 3080s or even 309s r says5 CC clock has been really good okay core offset 200605 C clock M clock 50001 and P limit power limit 250 okay so make sure you guys have these all right make sure you guys have these parameters seem to work uh pretty good pretty good all right so I'm going to apply this flight sheet and uh I'm going to cancel that we're going to make sure I do the 3080 oh that's the 3090 3080 DX okay Okay click on the flight to go okay it's applied and let's see if it starts mining going to going to give it a bit okay DX DX intensity 440 applies all the GPU parameters overclock parameters that we did thank you RI yet again that looks good okay it's finding some accepted shares okay let's check it out all right 7 k at 122 Watts that's that's pretty damn good I think that's that's I wonder if that's the same efficiency as a Radeon 7 Maybe not maybe a little bit less than a Radeon 7 but I mean that's that's good enough for me that's good enough for me okay so how much power is this whole rig taking 923 Watts at the wall okay so let's look at the pdu and see if we are maxed out there I don't think so obviously we only got two rigs on the pdu great or good mining love your banner bro okay all right so we got to go upside down okay so we are at 6.7 amps so definitely under the 24 amp 80% rule on a 30 amp circuit okay so these two rigs good really good though okay again have to stress if I'm going to be changing algorithms which I most likely will I want to change to mining different coins is that uh we're going to probably use more power make sure I have extra capacity on this pdu so but I think I can add maybe one or two more rigs uh onto this pdu should be no problem now I got another 30m 240 volt circuit here that I can fill up uh I think if I add let's see 5 one I can realistically only add four more OCTA miners right here 1 2 3 4 yeah that should be 10 cuz I got six right now so yeah I'm probably going to have a lot of extra capacity on uh this pdu most likely in that case then I don't know maybe I can put like a open air GPU mining frame under here like two of them or something that that that could be something all right guys that's it for this video all right I that's all I wanted to do man what a fun time oh Max voltage I'm dropping your max voltage I'm dropping your magnets bro I love your magnets by the way everyone go subscribe to Mr Max voltage awesome dude awesome dude same with uh greater good M subscribe to to every crypto mining YouTuber all right bros we're getting there we are seriously getting there I'm getting really close to finishing the wall of OCTA miners my OCD is killing me right now this 3080 rig in the Ultram Miner X8 Ultra Plus is bigger than the X8 Ultras that's okay that's all right I'll we'll figure that out another time okay guys I'll see you on the next video thank you guys for watching I appreciate you all hope you guys enjoy crypto mining GP mining as much as I do and I think I just broke a C13 to c14 power cable cuz I'm stepping on all these guys no looks to be fine I'll see you on the next one let me know your thoughts peace out peace out

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