Will Kaspa be the BEST mining play for the next Bull Run?

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[Music] hey guys rpim here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video just want to do some fun theoretical things regarding if you were to mine right now Caspa with you know a ks0 ks1 ks2 which I want to give my exact results okay my yields on a ks0 on its own Caspa address on Caspa pool I also have a ks1 that I'm doing a theoretical Break Even or not theoretical true real trying to break even on this uh you know second batch ks1 which was like uh I got it for about $6500 so far I've mined almost $2,000 worth of Caspa or 44 or almost 45,000 Caspa um also my ks2 okay I want to show you guys my yield on this ks2 that's on a singular address as well and then with all that I wanted to do some theoretical here using Excel she thank you to mass boost we're working on this here and just doing some theoretical of you know just seeing you know if Casa would go up in price in the future and we're going to see and calculate you know how much more in terms of breaking even or making a lot more if Casa went up to like 10 cents or something we'll do that in a sec before I talk about all this stuff and I actually I want to talk about this potentially new uh wind Miner K9 11 terahash model I I am giving away an ice River ks0 okay so link down below just a simple gleam link very short 3 days okay runtime here because I'm going to do a live stream of choosing the winner on Sunday 9:00 a.m.

Pacific or 12:00 P p.m. Eastern you know regular time that I live stream and so I'll choose the winner all right through G gleam here and all you guys have to do is just follow me on Twitter that's it all right I want to build my following there um there are more entries if you'd like uh I also have my twitch and YouTube not doesn't show up here yet it has to unlock if you first follow me on Twitter okay so it's a KS Z right I believe this is a second batch or third batch KS Z I ordered it from Coastal Crypt mining thanks to them okay I actually bought it for about $1,000 uh back in end of August and then it was going to ship to me but then I said uh I was going on a one Monon trip in the beginning of September so I said hold off and so they held off and uh yeah I got it now so yeah I was supposed to give it away back in September but now it's October so that's why I know these I know these ice River Ks zos are like $400 now and not $11,000 so just letting you guys know that I know some people are going to be like repo what's wrong with you that's why okay I wanted a one Monon trip anyways the ice River Casio that I'm giving away okay you will need to order a PSU all right so link there if you want to order a PSU for it it is the 180 watt one that I'm recommending if you are wanting to do the overclock now the overclocking method is disclaimer okay do do it at your own risk it could blow up melt burn you know not work and all that kind of stuff so once you do that type of uh overclocking the 120 140 or 150 gigahash uh overclock method that you are doing it at your own risk okay it might break it might die so do it at your own risk right this thing normally runs at 65 Watts uh we did the testing we did the videos already that once you do the 160 gig hash which I have running here it's using about like 100 10 12 112 Watts my my version anyway silicon Lottery huge disparities amongst everyone's that that I've been hearing and seeing so good luck on the giveaway guys all right 3 days join in some fun here uh hopefully one of you guys win it I guess uh people are going to ask red Pand is this worldwide and you know what sure sure worldwide all right let's do it okay I'll ship it anywhere and if we have a hard time shipping it to some country then and yeah we're going to have to figure out something I I'll pay you in crypto or something okay all right guys anyways let's let's begin on with the video okay okay so I want to do a fun theoretical thing here okay so I have a little Excel or Google not Excel this is Google Docs uh sheet here and so let's just say for someone that has a ks0 right now okay and we all know the Caspa Network hash rate has been climbing literally every single day it just it just goes up and up and up and more so I'd say the past two or 3 weeks here it has gone from 24 petahash to 48 almost like 25 petahash within a span of like two weeks here which is utterly insane that's a lot of Hardware okay and another thing is this new announced wind Miner K9 11 Terra has uh which uh 20 I guess shipping is end of November all right 20 to 30th of November that this monster wind Miner K9 which I heard is about 800 units so 800 units uh let's just do let's say so 11 terahash model that would be 0.011 of a petahash so if we open up the calculator just real quick here so if we did um say 800 times this number that'd be adding on another 8.8 petahash of these wind Miner K9s okay once they manufacture them for the end of November so 8.8 head ofh by uh let's say end of November so we're going to see I'm assuming depending if there's going to be more bit main models shipping out um and I know with uh the ice Rivers okay the end uh the next two or three weeks here ice river is going to be shipping out a whole bunch of their miners uh as well okay so like the ks uh 3 ks2 KS 1's and probably a lot of KS zeros as well okay by the end of this month October I don't know how many but uh I'm going to guess that we're probably going to see I'm going to say by the end of this month I'm going to say it's going to be like 60 petahash maybe 65 and then when November rolls around end of November it's going to go up to like I'm I don't know 70 80 maybe a 100 could be a 100 pahh I don't know we just don't know you know how many units of bitmain was able to manufacture cuz they're they're probably pumping out a lot of these I'm not quite sure but anyways my prediction is probably going to be like 100 petahash by the beginning of December let's just say that so with that in mind okay with this wind Miner K9 okay even they have a website I don't know how real it is but it seems like mop.

Has this available here and I've seen some things about it on Twitter I saw a video I don't know if it's you know completely real or not I'm asking wind Miner for a sample unit and yeah I just I don't know if there they have they didn't even email me back all right they I emailed them even messaged them on Twitter nothing I didn't get anything I didn't get any any uh message from them looks like they have a telegram and Discord looks like I'll have to message them there we'll see if there see if that works but anyways let's go back to the Excel numbers here okay so just for fun all right this is just for fun uh theoretical here right so my KS Z is mining at 44.95 Caspa a day all right this is for the past 24 hours just recently the date is October 11th of recording this video okay in terms of dollar value it's about $1.98 it's because I have this overclocked to 160 gigahash right now it's about 155 okay past 24 hours but anyways 44 Caspa a day that's the yield okay so I put in 44 in here okay and this here month 1 2 345 all the way to 12 here also coincides with the Caspa emission schedule they have a chromatic phase emission schedule so right now we are at I think it's 164 and the next one's going to be 155 okay you can see the dates here right October 7th they just hit up to 164 and the next month it's going to be 155 Caspa per block so the yield is obviously going to is getting less and less and uh every month goes down another 5.6% I think we did the calculation yeah 5.6% every single month so if I had a KS Z right now for someone that has one or maybe just got one or bought one or something and uh at the current Network hash right okay so this includes right the you know the calculation because I have an actual ks0 here that's earning 44 Caspa and uh so that's all relative to what the Caspa Network hash rate is so 44 Caspa right the first month if if everything stayed the same okay if the Casper Network hash rate didn't go up which obviously we just talked about it's definitely going to go up here in the next month or two um it's it's yeah anyways for anyone that has one of these okay I'm just going to say for the next month or two we are expecting the hash rate to go up a lot more so I'm I'm going to say that this number is going to be probably cut in half so I'm just going to put in 22 Caspa a day so let's say you just you are deciding to buy one of these right now and so and then you get it in the next week or two and the network hash rate is doubled so let's just say your yield then is going to be 22 uh Caspa a day so the first month that whole month if you're mining it you would earn about 660 Caspa so uh to correlate with this is the fact that you were buying a $400 uh ice River okay ice river ks0 which is this guy right here uh which by the way I'm I'm going to flop around a lot here is in my opinion in terms of the dollar per gigahash is not really a good not really a good value uh but if you overclock it it obviously gets a little bit better in terms of dollar per gigahash um in ter obviously if you overclock the ks2 or KS 1's that's also a lot better as well um but in terms of efficiency with the stock numbers looks like the wind Miner K9 beats out the bit M and Ice Rivers uh at this point in time uh it's it's all pretty close together in in efficiency to be honest so take that as you will okay let's go back here right nwork hash rate was doubled by now all right not we're not earning 44 CA like I am right now we're earning only 22 CA a day and let's say you spent that $400 ice server KS zero right you bought that for 400 bucks so in let's say 12 month in a whole year if everything stayed the same hash rate stayed the same price stayed the same obviously it would be $252 worth okay and you can see the the chromatic phase the emission schedule as we're earning less and less uh because of the 5.6% decrease of the emissions right every month and uh it's basically a having uh every every year okay so once a year but it's a a 5.6% uh drop down every month and so that would be a total Caspa 5,883 Caspa okay and then in terms of dollar value in USD would be $252 or Canadian 343 for my Canadian friends so by looking at this right now is it would it be good to buy one of these ice River ksz oops I broke it ice River KS zeros for $400 at this moment in time looking at this calculation no no it's not if I were to do it at my 44 Last by a day it obviously looks better but we all know that it's not going to stay the same uh you know hash rate so that's why I'm not doing this calculation now it's not realistic because the hash rate for Casa keeps climbing and climbing and climbing so that's why I didn't really do my 44 yield because we all know it's not going to stay the same here well now it's 45 but just being more realistic okay I'm being more realistic at like 22 if let's say the network hash rate just jumped up like double or something that it would be this okay so now this is where you're probably thinking of red panda you know where where are you going with this and you probably know okay the Caspa earned with this KS Z okay which is 5,883 if it was at 22 Caspa per day um what's not to say that Caspa could go up at you know 10 cents or something double what it is now okay right now it's at 0.043 as of the time of recording okay it's 44 now okay 0.044 so let's just say cell went up to 5 cents okay so four to 5 cents okay let's just enter that in that would turn into 294 you know dollars let's just say it went up to 10 cents and oh wow your your $400 investment would then you know you would break even and more on a $400 KS zero So within that year let's just say if you know I'm not saying Casa is going to go up next year uh to uh 10 cents you know we don't know we obviously don't know um but it has surprised us all in my opinion that really Caspa has gone above and beyond um especially against Bitcoin and which Bitcoin has been you know kind of staying standstill average you know between 25 30,000 for a long time now and Caspa has been uh just going past everything and I think it's been up like 900 900 or 800% year-to date which has been pretty crazy so because this KS Zer which only takes like 65 Watts uh if you're not overclocking it it's pretty much nothing right I'm not even going to calculate the electric cost it's it's pretty much nothing so let's just say that in the future in the Bull Run what's not to say that the market cap of casell which is I think uh almost $1 billion at the moment it could be uh a lot higher right it could be it's 930 million right now but let's just say you know with Casa it could go up to like five billion that's be more real realistic here like when the Bull Run comes when Bitcoin starts going up you know liquidity starts coming in Caspa in my opinion is probably going to have some price appreciation and that is not Financial advice I mean hell everything could just go down right everything could just just keep going down and uh we've seen that before with other uh you know Asic minable coins I'm not going to name any names right now because then I'm going to have tons of people saying oh it's not like this it's not like that coin Caspa is different we don't know what's going to happen until it actually happens so anyways what if Caspa went up let's say to 50 cents I'm just let's just say here so your $400 you know ice River K zero investment and let's say another good $100 for running it for like the next two years in electric is going to turn into $2,941 right your yield in that one year would turn into $ 5,883 now I should have done month 13 14 15 16 17 18 it just be another having basically um and I would yield like uh yeah that we can do that another time but anyway this is just a one-ear span okay just for fun fun and so yeah you know you would obviously make a lot more right you would make that money back and then some okay but then you know the other argument is uh what if you just bought $400 in Caspa so let me put that in 400 USD that would earn you 9,079 Caspa okay so as we see okay if the network hash was doubled like 100 P hash or something around there I'm just guesstimating this is just a guesstimate you know what let me see if I can add the extra months here okay I added all two years here H that was fun okay so let's just say Okay so the yield now after two years in theory okay which just is just theoretical it's probably going to be a lot worse that would turn into 8,829 yield okay so to match of what you were to buy theoretically would be in about 2 years for the ks Z if the hash rate really stayed the same but we all know that's not going to that's not not going to stay the same it's going to be like way more than 100 P of hash uh within two years I'm guessing it's going what it's going to hit like 150 at some point in the next two years that's that's my prediction so this this this would be much worse but then another thing to think about is the hardware that you bought that ks0 is there a potential that that minor could be worth more in the bull Ren right if Caspa potentially did go up in price uh price appreciation and the profitability was really good thus that means the hardware will be worth more right that has happened with many numerous coins Asic minable coins in the past and uh with gpus and stuff as well so what's not to say that could happen as well so consider the hardware cost that you have there uh obviously minus your electric then you can consider the hardware appreciation maybe you can sell that k z for $1,000 or something maybe 1,500 maybe 2,000 I don't know you know we've seen a lot of crazy things before but this is just a very simple example okay so let's let's go on to the next one let's go to my KS Zer okay let's go to my KS Z so my KS Z right now is yielding about 357 Caspa a day all right past 24-hour reward for me on two miners about $15 $16 a day okay let's put that in let's put that in okay uh the other columns I forgot to to talk about here is if you were to keep 50% 33% 25% or 10% and that's if you were to sell but you can see it's all it's all relative anyway uh comparing it to if you were to huddle it all all right so anyways I'm just talking about this part here so 357 Caspa all right this is what I'm earning today the current Network hash rate uh current uh difficulty okay so in the first month I should be then earning about if everything stay the same around 10,000 Caspa all right and then obviously the chromatic phase next month I should earn about 10,100 next one 9,500 9,000 next month 8 8500 um but we all know that's not going to Def definitely not going to happen so I'm going to say this ks1 is probably going to start earning like 200 Caspa in the next month or two all right so this is a little bit more realistic number in my opinion I like I like to be a little bit more realistic as for anyone that's going to be buying one of these right you got to consider that so now um let's go see here so we are obviously not at 50 cents right now but let me just put this back at 0.44 so if everything stayed the same which I really don't think the Casas price is going to stay the same in the next two years um otherwise if you were to buy a ks1 right now at around let's say $2,200 $2,500 Crypt Miner Bros link down below if you guys are interested um so 2500 bucks okay so if you were to mine this for the next two years realistically then you would Roi or break even at around let's say oneir of that so I'm guessing in month 18 or 16 or something uh I don't have the calcul it's you know oneir of this so maybe 117 uh you would break even on that ks1 but then right this 880,000 Caspa earned 80,000 271 Caspa yielded this is the big one here okay so if you were to yield that for the next two years that what if when the Bull Run comes about okay and if Cas went to so four 44 0.05 cents is about 1 billion market cap so let's just add we tack on another uh so let's say we went we tacked on another 1 billion that'd be 10 cent okay then that if Casa went up another another billion so the 2 billion market cap then this would be worth 8,227 if you held all of it if you sold half that would be $413 uh you would still right do well right the ROI or break even is you know less than two years the calculation there with if I were to say the cast was doubled right I normally am getting okay just saying here 343 I should put 343 but like I said I'm being more realistic so 200 yield in the next month or two you know it's or maybe you know it's probably going to be like a 100 in the next year or two you know what maybe I'll just do average like 120 right if I were to say the next just averaging over the next two years together because the network hash rate we just don't know right how much the network hash rate is going to go up in the next two years and like I said I think it's probably going to go up to like 150 right may maybe more I don't know I just don't know but I that's why I'm being more realistic in these calculations so if you were to spend $2,500 right now then in the realistic scenario $4,800 at if if Caspa went up another billion dollars in market cap that could be something but what if Caspa went up to a dollar and you know I hate being so hopium or copium whatever word you want to use about this but what if you you know you held all this 48,000 kaspa and that turned into $48,000 your your two your your $2,500 investment is is then worth yeah it was then the best play you know in the next two years you've made your money back and then some 10 times over right or 25 times over or something so you know this is just all theoretical I'm just doing these calculations as uh you know as a theoretical thing here but this gives kind of like food for thought right and we've seen sometimes we've seen this happen with some Asic minable coins especially with uh or I would say low kind of high yielding coins right that could 100x or 10x or something like that and uh in the bull runs right we've seen a lot of that happen with a lot of coins so what's not to say that Caspa could do that I'm not trying to you know promote that Caspa is going to go up in price or I'm not I don't know okay I'm just saying that that could be something that could happen but then Casper could just go all the way down who knows who knows right and then these numbers we will not then we wouldn't see these what if Castle went to let's say 1 cent what what if Castle went to a penny you're 2500 investment with if if Caspa went up to 150 petahash or something around there would be $481 okay it would then be it would be a brick which you know all I'm just going to say it kadana A6 your KD6 that you bought for $50,000 is not making anything now it's not it's not efficient all right now my ks2 okay so I I think this is all relative I don't think I need to talk about my ks2 um it's double the price of a ks1 pretty much yeah 45 uh on crypto Miner Bros so it's it's really the same calculation here uh but let's just say I'm earning about 548 right now $24 on this ks2 okay so 5 548 okay and so if the next two years everything everything stayed the same current Network hash rate which again it will not stay the same I could earn about 2 thou 219,000 Caspa for the next two years yeah that's that's definitely not going to happen so let's be more real realistic so C went up to 100 p a hash that be double so I just minus out you know 50% of this which would be um about 2 275 275 yield okay so C went up double the hash rate double the difficulty then that would only earn like 110,000 Caspa and Caspa was 5 cents that would then be 5,518 so your break even would be yeah less than less than 2 years maybe 20 months or something like that um if Castle went to 10 cents obviously then your breaking even would then be in about a year right realistically if the price of Casa doubled um okay I'm being more realistic uh what if I went to a dollar let's just do a dollar or two yeah $1 that'd be$ 110,000 okay so for the next two years you mind on this K zero uh for the next two years oh man if you if you yielded 110,000 kaspa and Caspa went up at the bull run in 2025 then who knows right this is all just theoretical what if CLE went to $10 that would be worth 110,000 Casa would be worth $1.1 million if you kept your ks2 running for the next two years you know what well I'm going to definitely be running mine uh you know just I'm just going to be running this like for the next two years uh this ks1 actually it will be a true test because I bought the second batch $6,500 okay I'm already at 44 545,000 Casa pretty much $2,000 worth so if Casa price appreciated let's see 45,000 okay let me let me just put this what if I just put in okay oh wait okay here we go uh if I put in 45,000 Casa here um okay so right now if at four uh 44 okay that's worth pretty much USD price that's what I can see on two miners okay and Canadian 2681 if I were to sell that right now um Casa went up to let's say 25 that would be worth 11,000 so my 65,000 uh $6,500 investment would yeah I would break even on that pretty fast they have C went to 50,000 right 22,000 right oh man if casmo went to a dollar that would be 44 of course 44,000 yeah so obviously I am still continuing to mine on this um if that if that's going to happen if that's going to play out I that's what I am keeping that's why I'm keeping track um especially with my ks0 and ks1 um so I will keep track of this for the next two years guys if this actually played out or not and uh yeah you know if this uh a lot of people believe in Caspa um a lot of smarter people than me believe in Caspa so if they're believing that Casa is going to do great things then so be it we we'll see what happens we'll see what happens but anyways guys that's it for this video please get in on the ice Riv kso giveaway if you guys enjoyed this video please hit that like subscribe and I will see you guys in the live stream uh for this kso giveaway all right my friends you guys have a good one peace out

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