Gpu mining is dead so I got more gpus

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hello there and there's probably not anybody this is a this is a super awkward angle here I'll I'll talk like this first uh welcome to the Brandon coin YouTube channel we're doing a little live stream tonight I am opening up and unboxing some of the mining gear that I just bought these are older minor dude cases um I did a video opening one or two of them but I figured there's more to do and why not maybe hang out talk with you guys a little bit and open up some more of them or crack open another one so if you're seeing this after the fact which you probably are welcome I don't do live streams often anymore but I'm trying to get back into the groove of it so um we'll just set that right there and um for reference this is a minor dude prasher X9 so this is a nine card GPU mining case with an 1,800 wat power supply and these are going to be once once I'm pulling all the cards out of them these are going up on the website as well so yeah can you tell me why GPU mining is dead I have so many gpus I need to get rid of yeah what's up hobbyist Miner um why is GPU mining dead I don't know because it just doesn't you can probably find certain gpus to make money but add a add a residential power rate I mean my rate right now is a little over 14 cents a kilowatt and there's just not much that is even worthwhile for for picking up so great for the old YouTube algorithm though those those catchy catchy titles all right so what we got here is a rig of 1 two 3 4 five uh 5700 XTS and these are the XFX I believe the I think these are the old thick boys those cards look interesting came in late yeah so um anyway I got a hobbyist and everybody else that just came in I bought a bunch of these uh systems that are all somebody was just wanting to get out of Mining and everything was still what you call them thick I know I'm a little thick but um uh he had all these still together he hadn't broken them down or anything like that and I honestly prefer that I it's always more beneficial for me to go and pick something up sealed um and not just in a million pieces so that's that's where we're at right now we got these old XFX thick boys let's let's pull these out and and see looks like he said some of them he spaced out because he didn't want to remove the coolers the one that I took apart earlier he had a full nine cards in it so he removed all the coolers or all the cooling shrouds and then he didn't keep the cooling shrouds um all of these are 5700 XTS so let's pull one of them out and take a look at it if we can yeah there we go what's your opinion oh man I missed the chat on that one um blow out the DUS and grime oh you balling balling yeah we balling with these old gpus uh somebody asked for my opinion on something I apologize I missed the chat I'm doing a live stream off of my phone so it is hard to keep up with everything oh look at that still got the still got the plastic on them ooh She's Fresh oo fresh fresh okay so these are these are some these are Big 5700 XTS uh this is the 5700 XT XFX oh these are the raw twos are you selling them Mark K yes so I am sponsored by myself uh BC's PCS uh there's a if you go to www.

BC as in Brandon coin so bc-pc as in personal uh is my website and uh basically anything and everything that I show on the on on YouTube now is um I've almost fully transitioned into a store um so kind of been documenting that for people that aren't aware um but yeah so these bad boys are definitely going to go up on the website uh it's probably somewhere around like the 130 range I believe XFX is not my like favorite cards but I do have to say these feel good I haven't had these in my hand wow can you tell me more about these gpus I've never gotten into amds uh 5700 XTS are now two generations behind there was the 6000 and now the 7,000 series uh these are 8 gig and I'm going to be honest with you they don't make much money on on very many algorithms but these are still great 1080p gaming cards so if you're trying to throw this in like a budget midlevel um I wouldn't even say lower end um it's you know slightly above lower end uh but you know like a flipper PC these are a great GPU for a Flip PC um so yeah that's that's kind of my take on the 5700 XTS right now uh XFX 6600 better yeah they're definitely more efficient for mining but I think in like raw gaming performance a 5700 XT still beats them out in the like gaming performance somebody can correct me if I'm wrong I like AMD cards they just get they get a bad wrap oh there's like a horrible um light glare right there hold on see if I can fix that nope looks like I can't fix that sorry about that guys all right so we got another one oh it looks like the little the decal fell off of this one so that's unfortunate definitely going to have to mark that one down you know maybe take a whole F off of this one they still have the the plugs in the the slots where it's never been plugged in so another XFX 5700 XT raw 2 lots of lots of raw cards up in here apparently whoever put these screws in to hold these gpus in they they definitely they put the strong arm on it on the other case I stripped out two of them cuz they were just in there in there like swimwear and it looks like we have another raw too peeling stickers off this one still has both of the little decals on the fans that's good nice these are actually super clean for being in a minor case apparently all of these systems were hosted in a facility so I imagine that would be a better situation than them sitting in somebody's like Dusty garage all right this one is a different one let's let's see what this one is guys oh that screw doesn't want to come out either so we're going to have to break out the pliers well it's fighting me there we go she's turning now broke her loose what was the original retail value and when was that GPU debuted for sale um original value on 5700 XTS I want to say somewhere in the 200 range uh and they're a couple years old hi Brandon what's the best mining rig you can put together with what you have in store for $11,000 um right now uh I have mostly I have I have a lot of AMD cards but they're mostly older stuff uh so it's like 5,000 series and down all the 6,000 series pretty much doesn't last it it sells right away because it's you know a lot more efficient um if I was going to recommend anything from the store I'd probably lean towards the 3060 TI or the 307s um they're still fairly relevant on a lot of algorithms but I don't know it's hard to recommend anything for somebody getting into mining because mining just doesn't make much money anymore GPU mining specifically hence the title you know GPU mining is dead obviously it's not dead you can still do it but um yeah so okay we got we have an MSI this looks like this is a Mech card and famously these Mech cards have horrible fans so the back fan good to go that front fan she's locking up uh so definitely going to have to take a look at that I just bought a box of fans the other day this is another 5700 XT let me see I think I have a replacement fan for this card let me go grab that box real quick all righty so I have I have bundles and bundles of fans I mean look look at all these fans these are all replaced my fans most of the fans you can pop off and put mineral oil on in the bearing and bring it back yeah that's true I could um I think you had told me about that Frankie that's that's probably a good idea or I could replace it cuz I got new fans have you ever bought 370 TI to 380 have you ever bought a have I ever bought them from my store um I've sold them I haven't actually bought anything from my store um yeah Franky I just prefer to replace them um that's why I somebody sold me this and it was like each one of these packages is three different fans are they too risky because they're higher price Rambler no I do sell them they just don't stay in stock very well and I have it set on my store that if an item is out of stock for longer than I think it's 5 days it uh it automat atically hides it but I have sold 3080s 390s 3070 TI um all kind of stuff like that the only thing I have not delved into is I haven't sold any 40 series stuff because I can't get my hands on it for a reasonable price because it's still too relevant um as for AMD I've done a lot of 6000 series stuff not very many 6900 XTS but a lot of the 66 and 6700 XTS couple of the 6800s let's see I think this I think one of these guys would would work and as for risk I mean it's just there selling and in e-commerce and Retail there's always a risk I've had a couple large backs I've been stiffed out of some money but you kind of learn um you learn the way of the lands and I have the uh the fraud protection turned on so it does give me a lot of warning this is actually a gigabyte fan but it uses the ever common triangle pattern and I believe these cards are a that'd be funny I put a a gigabyte fan on this MSI yep and these cards use the triangle pattern as well so the only thing I do to make sure is that the cord is correct um let me see if I have any other kind of fans that are not gigabyte hello there gaming with Smokey Dan fancy seeing you here I know Brandon do you want a cheap minor case I think it's from Miner Bros um yeah message me I'm down for picking up any anything right now um if you have gear you want to get rid of sell anything computer related whether it be gaming office mining um you can message me or you can text the office cell phone number both of those are listed uh on the contact page for bc-pc docomo in the description uh I'm digging through here seeing what other fans we have this one is what fans are these oh look at that look at that oh guys guys guys oh buying a box of random fans I text the office phone number sir thank you Timothy thank you I will get back to you here in a little bit with that um but look at that we have an MSI fan and I think it's actually yeah so it's got the little divots on it so matches that um that's awesome so we do have we have the correct fans so I'm going to set this with the fans over here to the side so that way I can mess with that later any Zotac LOL those fans uh yeah Zotac fans are horrible and I'm I'm going to be honest just looking through here roughly I don't think there's any Zotac fans in here I'm not sure though there's a little bit of everything this was a good buy 100% like look we got a Asus fan right there that's a Rog stricks fan this buying a box of assorted fans I I don't remember what I paid for it but I figured if I could fix you know one or two cards it would make up for it the new bench looks to be working great yeah cuz they're all used up New England crypto yes um the this is the new at home bench so that way I can work while I'm at home because everybody needs to work while they're at home nobody needs to take a break from work that's for ridiculous um so starting to just process and and go through different things let's get this screw off here cuz this one was start starting to strip sorry headphone users there we go got are broke loose twist right out of there yeah you can rest and sleep when you're dead absolutely Mr Smokey Dancy you you know what's going on so all right we got another oh man that one has the it's missing the little the little thing as well and I was looking they're not down in here so I don't know these I guess these maybe have probably been replaced sleep in 10 minutes Frankie two times Well if you got to leave in 10 minutes I appreciate you coming out as always and um so yeah this uh these are these are cool looking cases these are older minor cas cases see minor dude um they have uh let's see here video ethernet USB on the front um 1,800 watt two uh it's a the high voltage so two 200 to 240 volt power supply it will not run off 110 or at least it doesn't say anywhere on their documentation it'll run off 110 and then on the back right here I don't know if you guys can see this it actually has video ethernet and USB on the back as well so it doesn't matter how you set up your configuration you could have video and ethernet on both sides I thought that was cool um it does support up to nine gpus but obviously you're limited to your 1,800 wat power supply there we go I can actually see myself now so you're limited to that 1,800 W power supply and um yeah now I do have multiple of these that are hey Brandon um yes okay so I'm getting some of those text messages in you may need to replace the fans as I think those are bats that had fan issues gaming with Smoky Dan are you talking about the minor cases or are you talking about the the gpus um yeah I don't know these fans seem to be fine I did power up two out of the units yes the case Okay so may end up may end up throwing power on these just to double check these are officially licensed these are 12 vol 12vt 1.2 amp fans oh man I'm getting lots of text messages right now boom boom I just got five more text messages I will get back to those messages after I'm done with this live stream which is not going to be much longer I'm going to go ahead and and cap this case up and put these screws back in there and I do have brand new sealed um minor dude Pro hashers which are these X9 um um so those will be going on to the website as long as well as the used ones and um I think I had mentioned it on the video which you guys haven't seen that video yet because I haven't edited or put it up yet um I do have the original packaging for the minor dude cases I think the issue is worked for a set then died but hopefully yours is fine easy to replace yeah so um these were originally hosted at the miner dude facility um so the guy that I bought him from he said a couple of them had issues but they were all uh fixed and they were hosted at Miner dude don't sell my new CPU in Ram no no I haven't I haven't uh got it out uh New England we had some uh we had some family stuff again come up today so I wasn't able to actually even make it into the shop at all unfortunately but um I have your here's two of the kits right here I think he needed more I don't remember but I have the two kits of ram right here and then the CPU sitting I brought it home so I could just pack it all up and and get it get it out tomorrow um no problem man um sorry to to bear with you and keep you waiting on that stuff but uh yeah so everything was replaced with minor dude components which everybody knows is octo minor components I even saw there's some some octo minor labeling underneath some of these minor dude labels which um I don't know what kind of arrangement they worked out but I guess it works so and these were used all the way up until the merge so yeah and then he turned off his hosting and had them shipped back and they were shipped off in the original packaging which I do have to admit the packaging for these um very nice big huge boxes like over like probably 25% bigger than the case and then they did foam around the whole thing the black Miner dud cases I've seen are slick looking yeah the newer stuff man um they're really nice they're just they're getting a little up there on price so this will be your good budget for the auction if you want to get into a Frankie have a good night I appreciate it if you want to get into a um a minor dude case on a budget so let's get this one PLP back together there we go some screws up the 8 GPU octo here at one place in the UK wants 1,200 for a new one holy smokes um so uh I'm not 100% on the pricing for these yet um I the ones I think I'm right at 350 for and the new ones I'm going to be at 500 for I think um that takes care of me I make a little bit it um because I did have to buy it all so um there's that some people seem to think that I can just give stuff away and unfortunately I'm not I'm not that stable I'm not that uh blessed in life to be able to just give stuff away yet not saying it won't happen one day but um yeah there we go so I think uh I think 350 is fair for a used one um and then 500's fair for a brand new sealed new in box like that's it's a I think uh he had the original um invoice for them and they were they were a little spendy at one time Krypto what's up bacon eggs and hash got to make sure you're not losing money working 24/7 with no brakes that is true very fair heck yeah yeah I like to see when I'm I'm very comfortable with pricing gpus because I sell a lot of gpus like we're always turning gpus gpus coming in gpus going out uh and I'm very confident whenever I give people estimates and quotes and like oh you know we'll buy out your farm blah blah blah um but when it gets into like cases uh I'm I'm just not super experienced with all the cases cuz there's been so many different companies pop up over the years and so many different case configurations that you know some of these cases are worthless and let me show you one and I messed up buying this one I I admit it I admit it I absolutely should not have gave him that much money but it is what it is so this guy right here this is one of those cheap Chinese knockoff it it it's you know thin metal it's has one of the CPUs that has a passively cooled heat sink in the middle and then it's got four PCI E slots and then four PCI E slots so it's a eight card board and you're like oh that's great that's great um um but the it doesn't have a solid place for the power supply so I looked up online and a lot of people like wedge it over here to the side but then I don't know how you get all the gpus to fit in there with the power supply so realistically this is more like you know a seven card GPU mining rig and then um this CPU it it works great as long as you don't mine on it which I know people are like oh don't mine on your CPUs for your riserless boards um you know because they're it's not worth it they only get like you know a couple hundred hash I like mining on mine I do so um whenever I I booted this guy up and I I threw my USB to to have it load on to Hive um that flight sheet for that USB had a um a mining program to run I don't know what it was random X for something on unminable but anyway that CPU instantly got super hot cuz that passively cooled heat sink does not do a good job of keeping it cool got super hot boom thermal shut down and then I thought like oh what's wrong with this thing it's just running like crap um I don't know I just I don't I don't like this case at all and then looking them up online oh that's another thing so the fans are 12 volt3 amps so significantly weaker fans um they're smaller it's just there's a lot of a lot of lot of details uh that you got to look at um doesn't have you know handles uh also build construction if I throw that one it's crumbling if I throw this one something's getting hurt and it's whatever it's landing on cuz these things are pretty solid um like hold on there's no cards in it and it's so freaking heavy but yeah these guy these guys are solid so I I I like I like the construction on these um I also got in a Mystic minor case well I got in two of them I already sold one I have one left I kind of want to keep it are you guys are you guys familiar with Mystic minor please hit the like to support oh I appreciate that thank you Mr New England um so the Mystic minor case is probably one of the heaviest cases I've ever had my hands on um it's even thicker than this minor dude case um and it's huge it's massive let me I'll take you guys over there so we can take a look at it together so I still have to go through I've already gone through this one and I went through this one but um let's see here this one right here has uh 6 5700 XC that one has 5 5700 XCS this one is empty brand new in box empty brand new in box empty brand new in box and empty brand new in box so we had four used and four new um but the Mystic minor case is right here and this is a big mama right here so this is a 12 GPU um it has a a fullsize uh Intel socket so you can actually change the chip out and go to a bigger Intel chip if you wanted to um two sticks of desktop Ram don't know if that runs in dual Channel or not but just a very impressive setup also the power supply is a 3200 W power supply obviously you have to run that off of uh 220 240 volt you're not running that off of Regular 110 but yeah that I and also it's in you know it's in like hot rod red so it's it's hard to beat stuff that comes in hot rod red but um that case so I sold one of them and I'm thinking about keeping one of them I don't know why I don't need it that's the problem here so that is the problem about a computer I I would I would consider myself an Enthusiast no maybe not anthus it's a hoarder a computer hoarder can you show us the power outlet to run is it the same power outlet to charge a Tesla Rambler I'll check I'll show you I'd have to keep it I wouldn't be able to sell it yeah I know so I I hoard way too many things and I see all these things and I was like oh I got to keep that show us the power cord if you don't mind I'm always curious yeah let's see here I think it takes boom I don't know if you guys can see it it literally takes a regular power cord so it does not take anything special um but that's why you got to be careful if you plug that bad boy in to a 110 outlet you'd have a bad time you're live do you ever sleep every now and then I take a nap that's about it I found one that will fit my bc250 12 USB mining board and two ATX power spli oh man I missed the comment it went back it went by too fast yeah Rambler so unfortunately those power spies don't take anything special unlike these other power supplies that I have hold on so These Guys these guys take I don't remember what the designation is for but it's a it's a weird plug um and these are 2400 watt and these have the two breakout boards on the back so I still have a few of these left for sale on the website um and I think I marked them down to 50 bucks so that's power supply two break out boards but no power cord cuz I ran

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