The Power of Positivity: Unleashing the Benefits of a Positive Mindset

Heading 2: Casper Hash Rate and Pricing Leaks
Heading 3: Pricing Speculations and Photo Leak
Heading 4: Number of Miners and Batch Releases
Heading 3: Profitability Concerns and Importance of Batch One
Heading 4: Comparison with Ethereum ASIC Resistance
Heading 3: Pricing and Pre-Order Updates
Heading 4: Locking in Pre-Order Prices
Heading 4: Fluctuating Prices and Profitability Analysis

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  1. Has anyone else cared to look up when bitcoins asics went online and what it did for its price? Cause i have and it gives nothing but positive vibes from the new asics coming for kaspa, go look at 2013 and compare to 2012 before asics and you'll get onboard with my train of thought rather quick… lol

  2. Don't sell any for any reason until 2025-2030 pending on your level of hands, if you hodl it past 2030 then you have diamond fingers and will most likely will be rewarded for such, dyor, not advice.

  3. The rewards drop monthly and the diff is going to sky rocket but your leaving out that kaspa's price should still go up from where is it regardless of these asic's, I have a strong feeling we'll see a $1-$5 or more during this coming bull at the end of 2024 beginning of 2025, if what others say is true and kaspa is like bitcoin 2.0 look what the asics did for btc and its value… kaspa and btc/eth for next bullrun and even solana and algorand, all in on those 5, i cant see any of them being down in a year or two from where they are, min 5-6x with some shot at mooning but not banking on moons, i do have a few mill shib but i dont even consider it an investment just sitting on them till theyre worthless or do something lol

  4. See again, another perfect prove on how much ASIC manufacturing is such a ponzi scheme lol
    KAS is the next KDA period in term of network hah-rate (probably even worst actually)…

  5. In the next 1 month, KS4 15th will be released selling ASIC machines would be more profitable for them because they know the coin price will fall and it is not profitable to mine

  6. You would seriously have to be low in intelligence to purchase these miners. Not gonna be worth a toss once released in the wild. Please ppl dont waste your money, IceRiver and Bitmain are taking us for fools😠

  7. My Gpus are off Kaspa! I have a bag of Kaspa to hold to the bull run. The Asic manufacturers are crooked, especially Bitmain. They allow you to purchase, take your money and then Mine with your unit till they decide to ship it to you. I don't play the game! IMHO. Good luck everyone!

  8. I am telling you again Rabid mate, GPU mining will not back to it's old good days again too many GPUs too many miners maybe 5-6 years later than better GPUs will release 64GB 128GB etc you gonna end up with useless 8GB shitters, stop complaining about crypto prices it's good for you if you sell all your GPUs right now and buy the coin with that money. When coin prices doubled even tripled GPU mining still will be shite because too many GPUs too many miners they're all dreaming and waiting for same thing you guess how many GPUs currently dormant, if you want to continue mining than buy ASICS but it's better buy the coin.

  9. I’m using 2 3060 ti mining ergo, that’s all I can use because I live in an apartment. I also have l3+ mining polygon on unmineable and ipollo plus mining etc and zil. It’s a small mining outfit but all I can do because living in apartment. My question is should I keep mining ergo or something else you would recommend to mine.

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